Thursday, May 5, 2016

finally almost

I'm getting so much done!  Strangely, we're in the final weeks of school, so final projects time.  That means I do everything BUT work on final projects.  Funny how that happens...  I tell myself that it's all cooking in my brain while I do all that other stuff.

So while I'm busy procrastinating, I thought I'd drop in on the blog and report that firstly, the sun hath returneth!  Much rejoicing has taken place this week.  See?

"Meow'm SO happy!"
The school year is winding down for Meego too.  The music program had it's annual Spring Concert last week.  The kids and instructors all do a nice job, but there are so many different groups, and they each play multiple songs.  The thing stretches on forEVER!   Look, don't Meego and this gang look like they're having a rip-roaring time?!

Yah! Spring!  Music!  Whoo!
Chaco graced us with his presence this week.  It's finals time for him too, so the procrastination apparently runs in the family.  Actually, he's had a tough case of Senioritis this semester.  He's had  a job since last summer, and he's just having to finish up these last classes to be working full-time.  Anyway, he came over stating that he wanted a haircut.

He and Wolfgang still come over for haircuts since I've been the family barber since forever.  They've considered going to a real hair place, but I guess they like the freebies.  I noted that his hair didn't seem all that long.

"Yeah, but I decided I'd come over here instead of work on projects"

I'm not complaining.  He didn't like what I'd planned for dinner, so he cooked us a better one.

So it's springtime, and it's warm and sunny for now.  I can feel my allergies bubbling up.  I am aware of bugs buzzing around, but I have yet to be stung by a bee.  All is good.  And there, I just finished more final project... my mind.



LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha, a rip-roaring time indeed!

So Chaco didn't fancy baby rabbit for dinner then? :D

The sun is shinning here too! Yes even in the UK!

Abby said...

Actually, the cat eats enough baby rabbit for our family. Maybe that's why he's so fat and happy, lying in the sunbeam. Enjoy your sunshine too!

Lori said...

Aw, maybe the haircut was an excuse to see his mama. About procrastinating - I have the same problem. I tend to do the unnecessary things before the necessary. I don't know why. Self sabotage, maybe?

Abby said...

Somehow, the activity of doing other stuff does help ideas percolate in my brain before I get fully involved in projects. That's the story I'm sticking with anyways.

Yeah, maybe Chaco just wanted an excuse to come over - like cook and have someone else clean it up.

ShadowRun300 said...

Hooray for sun! Is it wrong to admit I've actually napped in the sun myself? Cats shouldn't have all the fun.
I agree that the kids' concerts go on for way too long. It's great to let everyone have a chance to shine, but sheesh! I got the couch waiting at home for me. Mario's spring concert is next Sunday. I'm gearing up for it now.
Hope you were able to get that final project done - for real. Not just in your mind. And at what age do your kids start to cook for you? I'm still waiting....

Abby said...

Good luck at Mario's concert! I hope you get in some good sun napping to gear up!

I really can't explain Chaco's cooking skills, but I'm not gonna ask questions.

Sparkling Red said...

Your cat has that "Do Not Disturb" look.

I remember how hard it was to get through the last few weeks of school. Patience, young students!

Unknown said...

All my life I've been stung twice by bees, and peculiarly at the same place.... my right earlobe. It's painful and embarrassing.
I envy those who can play actual music instruments :P

Abby said...

The cat is King of Do Not Disturb.

Abby said...

That's weird - what's up with your right earlobe? I agree that bee stings are embarrassing. Mine tend to swell up like balloons and stay that way for about a week. A week-long balloon earlobe might make me a shut-in.
I can play a cowbell. Sort of.