Tuesday, May 24, 2016

a couple of quick peeves

Well doesn't that sound so nice.

I do enjoy walking.  I have a bit of a problem with the word "every" in that image, however.

I walked yesterday.  I was not happy for every ten minutes.

See, I took the beater/learner car in for new tires and then walked home.  It was about a 2.5 mile walk and a pleasant morning.  All was fine until I came upon a point where the road crossed a creek.  The sidewalk disappeared.  What's up with that?!  Google maps did not warn me of this development!

My logical choices were to:
(a) wait for a break in traffic on the very busy road and make a mad dash for about 50 feet where the road went over the creek.
(b) backtrack well past the tire place to a crosswalk, walk across the busy road (6 lanes plus a median)  to use the sidewalk on the other side, then cross back again at a crosswalk beyond the creek
(c)  backtrack well past the tire place and catch the bus
(d)  call a neighbor friend to come get me
(e)  hang out near the tire store for 2+ hours where the main hangouts consisted of a head shop and a tattoo parlor

I chose (f) for .... "screw" this and just scrambled down the creek bank, scrambled across the creek, then scrambled up the opposite bank.  Luckily, the water level was quite low and there were big rocks from one end of the creek to the other that I could walk upon.

So no biggie for me, but I was thinking about other pedestrians?  What about older people whose scrambling days are behind them?  What about people walking with little kids - maybe with strollers?

Later, when the car was ready, I contemplated the same choices above and ended up choosing (f) again.  It felt good and rebellious, so maybe that graphic is true.

And since I don't particularly like to complain, particularly on the blog, I'll vent about something else and then be done with it.

A woman in my PEO chapter just had a baby. YAY!  Of course we've known this was bound to happen for a few months now, and a couple of months ago, I asked the appropriate person if we were going to have a shower for her.

I got this answer, paraphrased:  "No".

Now, I've been in PEO a long time and have been to many a PEO baby shower.  My own babies were showered upon by PEOs.  Heck, Chaco was nearly delivered by them!  But that's another story.  I am relatively new to my current chapter, and I really do like the members, but this baby thing...

The reasoning was that "We haven't had a baby shower in a long time, so if we have one now, the moms with babies that didn't get showers might feel left out".  Oh sheesh.  On a side note, Running Sue, who is also relatively new to this chapter, asked about a shower too.  I say that's evidence enough to mark this chapter as a bit of a party pooper among the sisterhood.

But fear not, they do have a plan for new babies:  a spoon.

OH no!  Not that spoon!  Rather, a sterling silver baby spoon that might be a nice token, but who actually uses such things?  Now, I realize I'm more practical-minded than average, but I feel a bit disappointed that we're just giving this new mom a spoon that she will likely never use.

Sidewalks and showers.  Is it too much to ask?



Marcy said...

Ha! That spoon picture really surprised me. I liked the image of you hoping on stones across the creek, but I agree that is bizarre. For me, I'd be thrilled to get to go to one less shower, but I am kind of a party pooper in that department.

ShadowRun300 said...

Oh my gosh. You took the same way back? Now that's determination with some rebellion mixed in. Makes me smile. :)
The PEO party poopers don't though. What better group to throw showers for their members? Their excuse is a poor one if you ask me. Still shaking my head at it.

Abby said...

I think the spoon image was conjured while I contemplated my creek-crossing strategy by the head shop/tattoo parlor.

Abby said...

I totally took the same way back - to heck with those traffic engineers!
Too bad I can't as easily thumb my nose at the baby shower "policy".

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hurm, i used to walk EVERYWHERE during my student years. My dad wont let me ride or drive, because he was afraid of me getting into fatal accidents.
I was the only senior who walked to class...
But the hell lot of walking in any weather did make me stronger :)

Abby said...

I prefer to bike or walk rather than drive a car. I think one of the main reasons for road rage is the anonymity that cars provide. So I do actually agree with that graphic, except when the path disappears and you're faced with "road or creek?"

Tee said...

I'm logging 3 to 4 miles a day between the treadmill and outdoor walks, but my mood could still use improving. MORE WALKING for ME! Way to go on braving the crossing of the creek! :-)

I dislike the attitude that "we can't have a shower because some others in the past didn't get a shower." So what? That seems ridiculous. We don't all live cookie cutter lives. And assuming everyone in your PEO group is an adult, I doubt anyone will have an issue with it. (Unless one of them is my sister-in-law, and then you're in trouble.)

Abby said...

Good going on the walking. I'm sure Lucy Pie won't mind you upping your mileage!

Magnum says I should use my "executive power" to declare a baby shower. Maybe I'll do it if the stars align to produce a baby during my lame duck term. (Don't tell your SIL)