Thursday, March 10, 2016

midterms and mish mash

It's midterm time at school.  I will say I feel in a bit of a conundrum, because on the one hand, I like my classes, but on the other, I feel I'm too old for this sh...tuff.

And I haven't had much time this week to either read or write a blog post.  Actually, I suppose I have had the time, but during the parts I haven't had the time, I've been on the computer reading or writing school related stuff, so when I do get the time, I'm outta here.

Here are some random thoughts from the week in speedy bullet form.

  • I find the news story about this guy really strange/interesting.  Can I meditate to the point of being super smart, but avoid the frog aliens?
  • I went to a career fair today and ran into Jake, Magnum's (ex) best friend at work.  Sounds like he's got some good prospects.  He'll be fine.
  • I randomly sat next to a guy on a full shuttle bus. Turned out I know his boss's boss's wife.  Small world?
  • The barefoot runner guy I see and wave to almost daily while on my bicycle jaunts spoke to me this week.  He said, "Bike!".  I almost responded with, "Feet!", but changed my mind.
  • I watched a few vlogs on youtube and found them really mundane, and thought, "Why do these people vlog?"  But if it was in blog form, I probably would've found them more intriguing.  Why??

Anyway, that's about all the typing I have in me for now.  "See" you soon!




ShadowRun300 said...

Wow. You're right. "This guy" is strangely interesting. I'd heard about the shooting, but hadn't heard any of the details behind it.
Glad to hear Jake will be fine. But why did the barefoot runner guy say "bike"? Was he warning others? Saying hi? Stating the obvious? "Feet" would have been funny. To me, anyway.
I've never watched a vlog. Probably never will now. Don't have time for mundane, which explains the absence from my own blog. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I think vlogs are boring. My daughter and her friend were into vlogging for a while and I did find it mildly amusing watching her talking about American candy, but I'm sure if she wasn't my daughter I wouldn't. :D

I'm wondering why the guy shouted out bike too. Maybe he was worried you'd ride over his bare feet?

Abby said...

That "Martian Manifesto" story is really out there. I wonder what they'll learn about him.
I think barefoot guy said "bike!" in greeting. He was smiling and waving. We pass each other very frequently so have become familiar to one another, but our meetings last about 2.13 seconds. I know nothing about him other than he runs with no shoes. So, "bike!". It's how he knows me.

Abby said...

Yeah, I don't get the vlogging thing. Just rambling on about day-to-day to the webcam. But I'll read a rambling blog and be fine with that. Maybe because it takes more effort? And I like wallpaper?

Anita said...

Every time I turn on the news nowadays, there's Trump's big face. Gettin' kind of tired of seeing it. As a result, this news junkie (me) hasn't heard the latest on the killer. I clicked over to the link. Interesting/weird.

I can imagine that enduring mid-term brings out the randomness.

Abby said...

...not to mention, his hair.

Linda Hensley said...

Oh thanks, now I'm thinking about meditating frog aliens. Somehow I'm not surprised that Mitch McConnell is one, but I'm a little undecided about Elizabeth Warren. Maybe this is how she understood stuff about the banking industry?

Tee said...

Yeah, I can see how after all the midterm studying-computer time, you'd want to catch a break. I'm sure there's some study that supports cutting off the screen time for a multitude of health reasons anyway!

Glad to hear that Jake will be okay in the work-world.

Aren't you amazed how small the world seems to get the more time we spend here? You almost can't meet someone, even a random stranger, who doesn't have even a remote connection to you. (It's that whole Kevin Bacon thing! Six degrees and all!)

I think you should call the runner guy, "Feet." He'd get a kick out of it, I bet!

Abby said...

It's the only explanation.

Abby said...

I did think about Kevin Bacon after that shuttle ride.
Next time I see "Feet", I'll shout a greeting. Although "Calluses!" might be more applicable.

Marcy said...

It's funny the guy greeted you with "bike," and I bet he'd get a kick out of your yelling "feet"--maybe next time? Congrats on making it to mid-terms. My older son is in college, and he was super busy with tests and projects, so he was glad to get through them. I am not into vlogs either. I tried them a bit, but didn't have much to say. I prefer blogs too. I think because I can choose how long to spend on the post, rather than the video length being a set amount of time, and I don't like needing headphones or disturbing the people around me with the sound.

Lori said...

Haha, you should have yelled "Feet!" That's funny. Some bloggers that also vlog are really funny. I think I'm better at writing, but have toyed with the idea of trying the vlogging thing. I think I'm more boring in person though, so maybe not.

Abby said...

Good points about the blogs vs. vlogs. Some of those vlogs just want to go on for days it seems!

Abby said...

Yes, there are some good vloggers out there. And I have found it interesting to see vlogs from people I'd known only through their blogs - the voices. Do one, I'd watch!

Sparkling Red said...

I think the guy yelled "Bike!" as encouragement. He would expect you to yell "Run!" back to him. The imperative verb tense, if you prefer.

Abby said...

You're right, it coulda been a verb. I guess whenever I see him, I think of his feet.