Sunday, February 7, 2016

hurry, hurry!

So I heard some people say that the Super Bowl is today.  Really?  Great, who's playing?!  Oh well, doesn't matter, I love hockey...

Actually, around here, one would be hard pressed to NOT know about the Broncos in the Super Bowl.  Although, I think after their last visit two years ago, things are a little humbly toned down this time.

Our fair city hosted its 5th annual Super Bowl half marathon and 5k.  I wasn't sure if I'd do the half this year, what with Dad's passing and all.  Didn't really know if I was in the spirit of things.  Then I thought, oh pshhhaw. Or something like that.  It would probably be therapeutic.  I remembered running it last year, just about a month after my mom passed.  It was  nice.  So on Friday, I registered.

There's not a whole lot of focus involved in distance running, so the mind can wander wherever it wants while the feet just carry on with the left, right, left, right, left, right,.. This year, Dad would be at the forefront.  I even silently said, "Dad, this probably isn't your thing, but it's going to take me a while, so I'd love to have you come along :)"

And it was nice.  I'm really glad I did it.

We had a crap ton of snow earlier in the week, so course conditions were questionable.  But the directors assured us that it had been plowed twice and was in "typical winter running" condition.

I wore my regular road shoes, and in hindsight, I probably should've gone with the trail shoes.  It was pretty sloppy slushy snowy muddy icy.  Quite a few people had yak trax or screw shoes, which were overkill.  But my trail shoes, lazing around back home in my closet, would've been handy.

Either way, I had a good time.  Temperatures lingered in the 30s, the sun shone the whole time, and the atmosphere was festive as always.  All finishers got a medal/bottle opener.  Win!

About 650 ran the half-marathon, so it's not quite the big show that Agg does every year.  Still, there were nice spectators along the way, and I spotted some fun signage.

  • All Toenails Go To Heaven!
  • You can do it, Random Stranger!
  • I love you, Mom.  You're my favorite runner! (Awww....)
  • Hurry, Hurry, Omaha! (and other Bronco-esque stuff)
  • Run fast, we're Freezing! (at one of the aid stations)

Anyway, the stats:

Time:  1:51:50
188th place overall
47th for the ladies
1st for the old ladies

I'm okay with my time, considering all the slipping and sliding and the big puddle that left me with wet socks for the last 4 miles.  It's nice to just have finished without having fallen on my face along the way.

And a bonus:  announcer pronounced my name correctly at the finish line.

Thanks, Dad.



Linda Hensley said...

Congratulations! I'm thinking your way of remembering your parents is a lot better than my method of getting drunk and brooding. I shan't be watching the Super Bowl. I hope everyone who does is happy with it, though I'm guessing at least half of the watchers will also brood. I kind of like hockey too.

Tee said...

1st place for the old ladies! Way to go!

I like that you invited your dad to go along with you. I'm a big believer in the idea that our loved ones are still present with us in some way, even after they've passed away. I find myself talking to my dad a lot these days, particularly when I'm alone... in the car ... times like that. It helps me feel like we haven't actually lost him, but that he's just near us in a different way.

agg79 said...

Ok. First off, let me just say that you are one of "those" runners who really get on my nerves. Sign up at the last minute for the half and you wind up smoking the course with a sub 2:00 run. I know it is not it is not the mature thing but I am uber jealous. That said, congrats on the great run!

I totally get the running with a burden thing. I had the same debate a few weeks back. To run or not to run. I applaud you running with your dad. Long runs can really give you time alone with your thoughts/loved ones. I tried to do the same thing with Claire, but it was more of an internal conversation of things we could have done differently. I am glad your dad was able to inspire you to greater heights. And, while it has become a tradition for me, I still think I would honestly prefer a crowd of 600+ over a crowd of 25,000+. Kudos.

Lori said...

Wow! I am way impressed! I bet it was very therapeutic. I'm glad your dad was with you. And first place for old ladies, too? Congratulations!

Abby said...

Getting drunk and brooding wouldn't end well in my case. I did end up watching most of the game, with one eye.

Abby said...

I've heard people say they can "feel" the presence of people who have died, or they receive little gifts. Nice to think about. Who knows?

Abby said...

Well, I hope you're not second guessing yourself on your treatment of Claire. I can tell she was a queen at your house!

I like these small local races, don't know if I'd do the 25,000+(!) The old lady win was a nice surprise, I figured some 50-year-old whipper snapper would beat my time, but I guess we were all running on the same slop.

Abby said...

It was therapeutic, glad I didn't bow out. Occasionally, these Buddhist quotes would pop in my head, which was kinda freaky/cool.

ShadowRun300 said...

Way to go Old Lady! Oh, that wasn't very nice. :)
Seriously, you rock. And it was a great idea to run with your dad. Very therapeutic I'm sure.
Congrats to your Broncos! I caught bits and pieces while I was working. Seemed like a good game!

agg79 said...

Yea, Claire was the queen around here, but she didn't let that go to her head. I was just being an old Engineer and over analyzing the whole deal.

Good run for an old lady. It's those old, wiry runners who can surprise you. Just when I think I have a corner on my age group, some older quinquaginarian just smokes the course like he is Usain Bolt. I find the real secret to beating those guys is to trip them up at the starting line...

And congrats to the Broncos. Was rooting for them all along. Nice to see the underdogs win.

Abby said...

I watched the game in bits and pieces too as Magnum was glued. It was an impressive win, our state is a happy place today.

And if the "Old Lady" shoe fits, I'm fine with wearing it. I appreciate age divisions 'cause 1st sounds better than 47th :P

lotta joy said...


Anita said...

Dad's already doing his job. Advising and being with his little (old) girl. :)

Congratulations on getting through it, shoes and all. And 1st place with the senior girls is great! 188th overall ain't bad either.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'd hardly put you into the 'old lady' category, but well done! If I'd been running I would have seen a nice welcoming pub about a mile into the race and thought "Hmm I'll just pop in there for a quick beer" and that would have been the end of the race for me! :D But then I would have missed out on the bottle opener.