Monday, February 1, 2016

downs and ups

As expected, today was major snow day.  I did shovel duty three times because I'd rather shovel in small multiple batches rather than one big huge batch.  Since we were stranded at home, that plan was doable.  Magnum worked from home and took a shoveling break too, for a total of four passes.  It needs another pass, but screw it.  Meego was home too, but I figured I'd let him just enjoy the snow day and hope that he would voluntarily grab a shovel at some point.  Surprise. He didn't.

My dad had a rough night last night.  Sadly, this has happened before and will likely happen again.  It's probably the reason for the big gash he got on his forehead a couple of weeks ago.  Simply diagnosed as brachycardia, which is a slowing of the heartbeat.  In my dad's case, it's super slow - like 18 beats per minute.

So it's upsetting because I feel like the universe is beating up my elderly dad.  His heart rate drops.  He falls.  He injures himself.  He doesn't want a pacemaker.

I've asked  him what these episodes are like.  Does he see "the tunnel"?  The "great light"?  Loved ones that have gone before??

Nope.  It's just "no fun".

Despite this, he's quite calm in general.  Even the doctor commented to me about how nice he is about the whole thing, even when he's in quite a bit of discomfort.  Honestly, five or ten years ago, I wouldn't have expected this from my dad.  But he's reached a point where he's just very accepting.  And since my mom passed away last year, the weight of  leaving her behind is gone too.

Still, Universe... stop punching him in the face!

On the up side, one of my nephews got engaged over the weekend.  I learned of it because he popped the question during Snowdown - a winter celebration in Durango, CO - and the proposal happened to be captured by someone shooting an amateur video of the party.

So the video was shared and reshared and reshared some more on facebook all day yesterday, with my nephew and the lucky girl tagged each time.  I received multiple feeds.  I won't embed it here, but here's [the link] to the video.  Remember, I said it was amateur!


I don't actually know why there is a marching band in a bar, but apparently it was all part of  Nephew's plan.  And what the heck, looks like fun!

Anyway, my nephew is a pretty big burly guy and super likable.  I can totally vouch for him as I've known him since his whole body could fit on my lap.  I've considered him to be a good catch for a while.

So sorry, ladies.  One less ghostbuster in the pool.



Anita said...

Nephew appears to be a sweet guy. May he always remain so. And by the way, my life must have been awfully boring when I was young. I never attended a party like that! lol

Is your dad living with you, or close by? It makes me sad to see people tormented with illness. I wonder who's sadder - them or those of us watching?

Abby said...

My dad lives in a nursing home in our hometown about 150 miles away. He prefers to stay in the small town and has no desire to be in a "big city". I'm the nearest to him of my brothers and me. Naturally, I wish he lived here, but I can't force anything on him. It's a regular source of concern and feeling of helplessness.

Nephew is a sweet guy, I'm happy for them. And actually, that bash looks very similar to ones when I was young. I wish I'd have known you then and dragged you along!

Lori said...

I'm sorry about your dad. That would be hard to watch. The video looks like everyone had a blast. Congrats to your nephew! I never heard of Snowdown, but it looks like a crazy party!

Morgan Cartwright said...

Congrats to your nephew!

The universe needs to stop punching a lot of people in the face.

And the snow, it just needs to stop. I might have to layover at the Denver airport tomorrow.

ShadowRun300 said...

Aww! Congrats to your nephew!
Sorry to hear about your dad. I know you wish you could be there, but it sounds to me like he's in great hands where he is. Even still, he shouldn't be picked on by the universe.
Our temps have been in the mid 60s the last couple of days, so we're getting only rain. I know I should breathe a sigh of relief, but a part of me wants to be snowed in for a day. It's a little bit fun, isn't it?

agg79 said...

Sorry about your dad. I hope he is doing better and the universe quits picking on him. Having that slow of a heart rate, no wonder he not feeling well. I used to be in the pacemaker business and fully understand what bradycardia is. Hard to imagine a pacing rate of 18 makes it hard to do anything. Especially when most people are at 72 BPM. Of course, genetics and conditioning can change those numbers. Most runners have a lower rate due to all that exercise. Given all the running/biking (and shoveling) you do and that clean mountain air, I'd surmise your rate would be pretty low as well. Coming from the business, I'd recommend a pacemaker (could improve his quality of life) but it's really a personal call. My mom got 10+ years back when she had a heart valve replacement (tachycardia).

Congrats to your nephew. Nice way to celebrate/remember Snowdown.