Friday, December 18, 2015

is it done?

Remember when Christmas shopping was easy?  A truck.  A boat.  Better yet, a truck AND a boat?  And/or pretty much anything LEGO?

Yes, times have changed.  Our kids still like "toys", but such toys have gotten more high-tech and expensive.  Plus, they're loaded with options I know nothing about making comparisons.  I believe we've now entered the realm of gifts for the "kids" being comprised of clothes and money.

No socks, though, because apparently, socks are a most disappointing Christmas gift.  This according to the guy on the radio the other day.  Meego responded to that with, "How silly", and I was thinking the same thing because I wouldn't mind some nifty socks, but then Meego continued with, "Who would give someone socks as a gift??"


So I was doing some online shopping last night, and today, almost every webpage I go to has ads for the stuff I was shopping for.  I suppose I could just clean my cache and cookies, but for some things, I might want to leave my options open.

Like all these cat condo links I'm getting.

Okay, so maybe I WAS looking at cat condos... and plans for DIY cat trees and such.

It doesn't suggest that I'm going all crazy cat lady.  Maybe I just need a project.  Maybe I want the cat to stop scratching my chair.  Maybe our active cat needs something to stimulate him during the cold winter months.

Besides, we only have one cat, so that automatically violates one of the crazy cat lady requirements.

Maybe we'll get another cat.  I don't think Napolion would like that, though.  We could name it "Socks".


Larz said...

try adblock. super useful.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm not done. Not sure I will be either since I work every day now until Christmas.
But to me, shopping is much easier now. My boys put their list on Amazon and we add it to our cart. Simple! Mario requires a little more effort since I actually have to go to a store, but girls are easier to shop for period.
I like the cat condo idea. Gracie, Chip's cat, could use something like that. Isn't it crazy that you can search one time for something and suddenly it shows up everywhere! Marketing at its best.

Tee said...

Well, I actually bought socks! :-) They're for all the nieces and nephews who aren't really expecting a gift for me. I just wanted to do a very little something for them, and found brands and colors to match their personalities. So I'm going with it. Figure if I'm giving a little something, it's best to be practical, rather than something they'll end up stashing or throwing away.

As for my big kids... yeah... I'm in the same boat as you. But we're figuring things out and I think Christmas is going to be just fine!

Abby said...

I'm on it, thanks!

Abby said...

Shopping is a lot easier these days with all the online options. And they're always watching!

Abby said...

I happen to think that socks make fine gifts. To heck with whatever list that radio guy was citing.

Linda Hensley said...

I used to get socks and underwear for Christmas. I have to agree, they don't count as gifts if they're just functional. Maybe cute socks would count? Love the trike picture. Obviously a sign of things to come :) Merry Christmas!

Abby said...

Well yes, I suppose an 8-pack of Hanes tube socks wouldn't be very merry, but there are some cute socks - in the bicycling world anyway. I'll take 'em!
Merry Christmas back atcha!

Riot Kitty said...

If he is happy being the only cat, I wouldn't rock the cat condo. but who knows? Maybe he would like a friend!

Abby said...

It's hard to tell with him. He might like a friend, but then "friend" might mean "punching buddy".

Unknown said...

Cat condo? Wow.
I have two cats and only one is inclined to climb on things. She climbed on the stack of boxes in the storeroom and run around.
I like socks. And looking for a worthy pair right now.

Abby said...

We have a cat scratcher that our cat only yawns at. I don't know if a whole condo is worth the investment!