Friday, December 11, 2015

in conclusion...

Homestretch of the college semester now.  I'm finishing another final case study and have pretty much everything done, just need a conclusion.  Time for the procrastination to kick in!

Oh well, thanks to procrastination, I got a lot of other things done today.  Cleaned the shed, cleaned Bella, cleaned the dog kennel, ran some errands...

One thing still left to do - I need a gift for the PEO Christmas party gift exchange.  About $10 range.  It's a yankee swap, which is fun.  Last year, I ended up with this huge platter, remember?

So I guess I can't re-gift it at this year's exchange?

In other news, Meego had another concert this week.  Symphonic band this time, Meego on the euphonium, so not as jazzy as jazz band.  It was a nice performance all around, and I'm just pleased to know what a euphonium is.

Any yankee swap gift exchange ideas are welcome.

And I WILL write a spankin' conclusion...



  1. I am the queen of procrastination, so I won't judge. Anyway, it's not a bad thing if you get other things accomplished while you're procrastinating.
    As for yankee swap gift exchange ideas - probably not a good idea to re-gift the platter. Even though it's a really nice one (and untouched, I'm guessing). I never liked buying candles, or Christmassy kitchen towels, because that's what everyone buys, and because I like useful things. Having said that, I got no ideas for ya. :)

    1. I prefer useful things too. That's probably why I have troubles finding yankee swap gifts. Christmassy kitchen towels it is!

  2. Hmmm yankee swap gifts can be tough. Maybe a fun coffee mug or a candle? I'm trying to figure out what to get my two bosses. No clue and our party is Tuesday.

    1. Our party's Tuesday too. So far I've got nuthin'.

  3. I read this and found myself wondering what a Yankee Swap was. Had to Google it only to find it's what we refer to as a White Elephant exchange. Did you write the follow up? I remember reading that the party was postponed to January so I'm guessing you didn't make the big reveal yet.

    We attend an annual party where they have one of these exchanges. I got an electric snow cone maker this year! My contribution was a giant colorforms Big Foot dress-up kit. (Our party calls for buying the craziest gifts you can find.) Oddly enough, it was a huge hit!

    1. Yes, our party was cancelled on account of snow, but we're hanging on to do it all in January. Ours isn't a crazy exchange, we're actually supposed to swap things people might actually want! Colorforms Big Foot dress-up kit?!?
      I've done the crazy ones too, which are always fun. I remember one where I brought a Lamaze instruction video while someone else brought a box of assorted condoms.