Sunday, November 1, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy day-after-Halloween.  And  happy Día de Muertos for those inclined to celebrate.  Hopefully we all survived in relative comfort.  

Our Halloween traffic was pretty low-key, but at least not a total bust.  I'm guessing that around 25 to 30 trick-or-treaters  graced our front door.  I dished out candy while we watched some Walking Dead.  Seemed appropriate.

During one candy presentation, an adolescent Pikachu commented:

"EEK!  A spider! On your door!"

To which I responded, "Uhm... that's a decoration"

And then she said, "Wow, it's crawling and everything"

Me, "Yeah, pretty cool huh?"

I happily smashed it after they left.

It was another good week otherwise.  My to-do list has lots of things scratched off, so that's a nice feeling.  I probably make lists just for the satisfaction of scratching things off of them.

Relatedly, remember these shooz that I attempted to revive with Shoo Goo?  It worked marvelously!  The shooz spent many more miles with me, including the mongrel-bite run, than would've otherwise been the case.  And now they are truly ready for the can.  So now I've got "Shooz" on the to-do list.

As mentioned, Meego and the marching band went to Utah this weekend.  Looks like they had lots of fun and put on another good performance.  In this regard, I think Facebook is both a blessing and a curse - providing updates and photos and also rubbing it the faces of those left behind ala "Look, here we are having fun in the sun in t-shirts and shorts!"  while we look on in our cold bundlage.

Mother nature took pity on us, however, and after a gloomy cloudy Friday of pumpkin hunting, we were graced with a warm sunny Saturday.  Magnum and I took advantage to go play outside again.  This time to Palmer Park which is a large area for hiking, biking, climbing, etc. plopped right in the  middle of town.  It's very easy to get to, but large enough to feel like we're in the boonies.

This park is actually the site where the county search and rescue hosts the annual Rescue Run 10k every New Years Day.  I've done it three times now, but I couldn't tell you where the course is, the park is that big.  My geographically challenged self might have something to do with it, but I historically just follow the crowd or I'd get lost, and search and rescue would have something other to do than just host a race.  

One feature of that race is that the first mile is a grueling uphill where I'm all, "Ugh, I hate this", but then it rewards us with gorgeous views for the majority of the remainder of the run where I'm all, "OH, how PRETTY!  Can't wait to do this again next year!"

Shot of Pikes Peak, which I promised not to post a pic of last week...

Happy November! What time is it??



terri said...

That must have been some spider if a trick-or-treater noticed it at night! Brave you for smashing it!

Glad you got to enjoy a sunny Saturday and get some local adventure in. We've been suffering under clouds, rain and cold temps for a few days. The sun came out for a while today, but looks like it's retreating again. :-(

Linda Hensley said...

I probably would've taught Pikachu that spiders are beneficial and eat the other bugs, but your way makes me laugh. Love your jack-o-lanterns!

Abby said...

That spider performed right on cue! Bleccchh :P

Abby said...

I thought Pikachu would know I was joking, but she seemed to believe me so I just went with it.

Larz said...

I enjoy Palmer Park. We only got 2 sets of candy seekers, so unfortunately there is far too much left over.

Abby said...

Come enjoy Palmer Park on New Year's Day, 10 a.m. - "Rain, Snow, or 20 Below!" :)

I'm wondering what to do with the leftover candy... other than eat it.

ShadowRun300 said...

New shooz! Whatcha gonna get this time?
We didn't participate in Trick-or-treating this year. Hard to do when no one is home. But now we have no left over candy. hmph. Hey! I bet there's good sales!...
I think it's fantastic that you and Magnum take advantage of the weather and your surroundings. I get so jealous when I see your pics. But I really do plan to do the Incline in 2016! When does the snow melt?

Abby said...

I uninspiringly replaced the old shooz with the same things, just new.
Magnum and I have been getting out on the weekends because we know it could all come to a screeching frozen halt any day. And I think there's a tree at the top of the Incline with your name on it! I'll bring leftover candy :)

Rock Chef said...

Halloween passed unnoticed in our house. No trick or treaters at all! Probably caused by the annual Zombie Crawl and related festivities taking place in the town that evening!

I do envy your mountains! Wish we had something more impressive that a 50 foot cliff within easy reach!

Abby said...

NO trick or treaters? Don't they know of your zombieness?
The mountains are within pretty easy reach, so it seems a sin not to play on them. We've actually had hiking to the top of Pikes Peak on the list for a few months, but the weather and schedules keep thwarting our efforts. One day!

Riot Kitty said...

We had not a single trick or treater, as there was a huge rainstorm and some flooding. So Mr. RK's coworkers had a lot of candy this week...

Abby said...

I gave much of our leftovers to the garbage man.

Bohemian said...

OMG the Spider on the door story was hilarious! At the Old Homestead we allowed a lot of Daddy Long Legs to Share our Front Porch Space because I heard somewhere that they kill Black Widows but are harmless to humans since their mouths are too small to bite us even tho' their venom is more powerful than a Black Widow's... yeah, I know weird trivia like that. Now we bought a New Home near pristine Desert and we have skads of Scorpions and I'm wondering if importing some of the Daddy Long Legs from the Old Homestead might kill them off too? I dunno... but since the Grand-Daughter got stung by one Day #3 of living here I'm willing to give it a shot. Being the Wednesday Addams Type Child that she is tho' she stabbed offending Scorpion into her bedroom carpet using her safety scissors and calmly escorted hysterical Gramma Dawn to the ER. *Smiles* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian