Saturday, October 31, 2015

So... what're you wearing?

Happy Halloween!  I like to celebrate it as the day when my cobwebs become decorations!

Actually, it feels like any other Saturday.  Nothing special going on around here.  I've got a big bag of candy and Magnum and I busted ourselves getting and carving the above jack-o's, so the little moochers better show up!

I'm just whining because Meego is away on a fun 4-day band trip to Utah.  I would have loved to gone along as a chaperone, but who can just take off for four days?!?

It's also made me realize how starved I am for an adventure.  We didn't do anything particularly adventurous this summer - no road trips, no comic con, didn't even make it camping ONCE.  As I recall, we had a camping trip tentatively planned, but schedules just didn't mesh to make it happen.  So I'm in much need.  Much need.

So much need that I'm lamenting the fact that I didn't make a trip where I'd be spending four days of my life keeping a bunch of high schoolers in line.  Four days that would include about 20 hours spent on a bus with said high schoolers.  THAT'S how desperate I am for a getaway!

But I am enjoying fall.  The colors, the cooler temperatures, the smell of rotting leaves...  Magnum and I headed out yesterday on the hunt for pumpkins.  We thought we would support the farmer who sets up shop at the neighborhood farmer's market site up the street.  He always seems to sell so few pumpkins.

So that was our first stop, and I think we discovered why his sales are so low - it's because his prices are so HIGH!  Seriously??  Forty-five bucks for something I'm gonna carve up and then throw away in a couple of days?

Okay, plan B.  To heck with the farmer, and off to the grocery store.  Three grocery stores later, we found a small pumpkin pile that hadn't yet been cleared by the other desperados.  We even managed to get three so that Meego would be represented in abstentia.

Shown, left to right, are Meego, me, Magnum.  Magnum's jack-o-lanterns always look like Loony Toon characters to me.

So that was our excitement.  Did I mention I need a getaway?



LL Cool Joe said...

I've just returned from a week in Egypt which was quite a cool trip, although all I did was eat, drink and sunbathe.

I hope you get your new adventure soon, somehow I think you will. :)

Abby said...

Egypt? EGYPT?! Here I'm bummed I didn't make it to a corn maze in Utah. You're not helping, Joey.

ShadowRun300 said...

Oh my gosh. A 20 hour bus trip to Utah with unruly high school kids sounds good to you? You need to get away! A trip to Egypt to eat, drink and sunbathe sounds much better. I'll go with you.
Your pumpkins look great! We never got one Halloween decoration out. (Unless you count the cobwebs. And you do, it seems.)
This year, I dressed as a hotel manager for Halloween. Go figure, huh?

Abby said...

Yes, that was an eye opener. I WANT to go on the band trip?!?
Hmm... hotel manager. I'm sure you wore it well. I've known some scary ones!

terri said...

I would like to know just WHO is paying $45 for a pumpkin! (Maybe nobody. Maybe that farmer will be out of business next time around.) For the record, I paid $5 for mine. And also never bothered to carve it. We weren't even home for Halloween. I guess now it will just be a fall decoration instead.

I hope you get an adventure soon. And I hope it doesn't involve a bus full of high school kids. You deserve better!

Abby said...

From the looks of that farmer's pumpkin inventory, I don't think anyone was paying $45 for one. We also paid $5 a pop from the grocery store.

Meego had a fun trip and I'm grateful for the people who organized it all, but part of me is glad I wasn't on that bus!

Riot Kitty said...

I would never be that desperate for a getaway!

Abby said...

It's troublesome, I know.