Friday, August 14, 2015

tags, I'm it

Happy Friday!  This has been a busy week, and now we're already at the end.

I have to go to the tire store in a little while.  Wolfgang bought a truck that desperately needs a set of tires.  Really, we can't believe the previous owner was still driving around on them.  When we first looked at the truck, I went to check the thread depth on the tires and couldn't find a thread to check!

So, since I'm the resident *Hop Sing around here (harumph!), I'm taking the truck for new tires.  This after I was subjected to the DMV yesterday.

Okay, actually I offered my services since I've got time right now,  Wolfgang has profusely expressed his gratitude, so maybe don't tell him about my typically frustrating time at the DMV yesterday.

I mean, I just don't understand this particular DMV office.  First of all, it's about two miles from our house.  I could easily walk or bicycle there, but yesterday I drove.

I walked into the comfortably air conditioned and pleasingly decorated office where I was greeted by a pleasant DMV person.  She quickly checked to see that I had the proper documentation, then issued my number:  703.

I looked up at the convenient monitor to see that they were currently serving 699, then settled in for my wait.  I also checked my watch.

At just under four minutes later, my number was called.  I had barely sat down and got a feel for the layout and counter numbering system of the place!  How rude, right??

Despite that, I managed to find the counter I'd been summoned to.  The helpful and efficient DMV person clicked on the keyboard a bit while looking over my documents, got up a couple of times, shared a joke with the next staff person over, took my payment, and handed me plates, title, registration, and receipt.  I checked my watch again.

The ENTIRE visit took 11 minutes.  That beats my previous record at that DMV of 12 minutes.

And the reason I drove there? I needed a few groceries, and this DMV happens to be conveniently located in a friendly shopping center that includes a comfortable grocery store.

Dare I say that the whole errand was enjoyable?

Don't be envious, though.  Our post office still sucks.

*Everyone knows Hop Sing?  Or is it just us old folks?



LL Cool Joe said...

Here in the UK you can get a massive fine for driving on bald tyres! And yes I have spelt tyres correctly! :D

So you went to a friendly shopping centre. What's an unfriendly one like?

Abby said...

I'm sure these truck's tYres would not pass any safety inspection!

Aspects of unfriendly shopping centers include, but are not limited to: cigarette butts and other trash decorating the entryways, ankle-monitor-wearing patrons hanging around and often smoking pot, overzealous panhandlers, and the occasional Jehovah's Witness. Do you not have such shopping centers/centres??

ShadowRun300 said...

Your DMV is going to get a reputation for being fast and friendly if they're not careful. I'll definitely keep your experience mum, so Wolfgang can continue to be appreciative of all your "sacrifices".
As for Hop Sing, I had to google it. But not necessarily because I'm too young.....

sohail sheikh said...

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agg79 said...

Good job, Hop Sing. You know it was Hoss who stole the cookies.

That's a pretty good run with the DMV. You could get spoiled with that kind of service. I had a similar experience last month with my local DMV when I had to get new classic plates for the Mustang. I picked a late Wednesday afternoon when I thought the crowd might be more reasonable and lucked out. In and out in 15 minutes. That's won't beat your record, but I could get used to that kind of course time.

terri said...

Guess I didn't watch enough of that beloved t.v. series to know Hop Sing. Like ShadowRun, my lack of familiarity has nothing to do with me being too young!

Your story makes me almost look forward to a visit to the DMV, if it weren't for my husband's recent visit during which he waited 45 minutes to purchase new license tabs. (Really, we can do that online and should. He just likes to do it the old-fashioned way.)

Riot Kitty said...

I haven't heard of Hop Sing, sorry...

11 minutes? What land do you live in? Our DMV is just painful.