Sunday, August 9, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings on another fine Sunday!  Whew, I dunno about you, but this was a hot one (or maybe it's just an age-related thing...) but we're surviving!

In fact Monday, I was enjoying my bike commute.  It was relatively cool and lightly overcast, so the sun wasn't scorchingly hot and I was being all grateful about it.  Then it started to sprinkle.  And sprinkle turned to rain.  Rain turned to downpour.

Long story short, I ended up with a new Pearl Izumi barrier jacket.  Here it is, doesn't it make me look cute?

Okay, it's clearly not me in the photo, but my stunt double.  I was too lazy to take a pic of the actual.

I got stranded at the bike shop during the storm.  It wasn't letting up.  The store had a clearance rack, and I was tired of waiting.  Let it be known that I was fully in the market for such a jacket already, just hadn't got around to shopping!  I hope the store doesn't think I'm some diva who just goes making raingear purchases willy nilly every time I get rained on!  I expect this to last me 20+ years!

The remainder of the ride home was lovely under the protection of that jacket.  But now, it'll probably never rain again.

Speaking of which, remember all that rain we got that turned our backyard into a swamp?  Well, it's finally dried up enough for us to walk around back there without fear of alligator attacks.  The result was the necessity for much weeding and trimming.  Now, I must say, our backyard has never looked better.  There's actually a lawn there now!

Also, with the swamp abatement, Magnum was able to resume work on the Great Wall.  This to go along with the Great Weeds of China.  Remember when Terri showed us her giant sunflowers?  Same thing here, but totally not.

Photo credit:  Magnum
(He made me put that or he would sue)

Okay, so there's still a bit more weeding to be done, namely in China's dog run.  Poor girl's bathroom has shrunk. 

But it's not all work and dirt, we managed some play and dirt this week by getting out for a bit of geocaching.
It's been quite a while.

Action shot!
Meego's band camp came to a close yesterday and culminated in a little performance for the parents.  I think they had a fun camp and are looking forward to the marching season.  Meego had some nice featured bass grooves.  I managed a grainy pic from behind the helicopter parent barrier.

Nice bass solo!
That kid must have cool parents


agg79 said...

Nice wall of "weed" you got there.

I'll trade you your "hot" days for one of ours. We're supposed to be in the low 100's this week, but that's only if you believe the local weather folks.

I really gotta try the geocaching thing. Sort of like orienteering with some sort of door prize. I used to be an orienteering whiz in my younger days.

Abby said...

Hmm, "hot" to me is above 85. I guess I'll shut up about it.

DUDE! We were big into orienteering back when we lived in NY. There was a very active community there, and before kids, seems like Magnum and I were thrashing about nearly every weekend. Where will the similarities end?! Yes, geocaching is much like orienteering, just without the race (unless you make it one). Come on in!

ShadowRun300 said...

It's not just you. It's hot. Your jacket story is too funny. I have a boatload of umbrellas, because for a while, every time I went into a store it would downpour. So I'd buy an umbrella.....
Mario just got done with two weeks of band camp herself. It's some serious work. Meego absolutely has great parents. Mario, not so much. I felt so guilty about missing her performance for the parents. Chip and my hubby went, but I was working.
Anyway, glad your backyard is drying out. You should tie those weeds back, paint the tips yellow, and you could definitely give Terri run for her money.
Or not.

Abby said...

I've got a few extra cheapo umbrellas too :\

Ugh, Mom guilt! I'm glad we saw the band camp finale. It was fun to see these kids doing their music thing rather than slinging nachos and hot dogs.

Nice plan for the weeds, but they're goin' down!

terri said...

That IS a great jacket. And you clearly had a need for it. Besides, I don't think buying a rain jacket to protect yourself from a downpour can be considered diva-ish. 'Specially because you're a regular bicycle commuter and all.

You've got some impressive weeds! Thanks for the shout-out to my sunflowers. But for the record, my weeds couldn't have competed with yours.

Abby said...

The jacket saved me again today. No buyer's remorse here!
Well, it's nice to know I'm "Best in Show" for the weed category :D

Riot Kitty said...

Love the jacket! And it's not you, it's really hot as fuck this summer.

Abby said...

Yes, it's hot. Except when I'm getting rained on. Anything else I can whine about??