Thursday, May 14, 2015

hazard a guess

So I took this career quiz.  I thought maybe now might be a good time to see what I should be when I grow up.  It returned this result:

So, the good news is that the blood, sweat, tears, and tuition seem to be spent in the right happy place.  But... but...

Do you see it?  That big fat ZERO in the "creative" category!  I was all:

Dear Quiz People,
I drew  this, dammit.

*sigh* Okay, fine.  I can take rejection.  And actually, it does seem fairly accurate.  At work, I like to be methodical and analytical.  Creativity is for playtime in my case when I think about it.  Make it a job, and it's no longer fun.

The result brought back memories of high school when the Army recruiter told me that, based on my ASVAB scores, I wasn't suited to be an army cook.

Wait, what?  Cook?  He says I can't cook!?  Not for an army, apparently

AH well.  So I became an enginerd, then a mom and a teacher/tutor, and now a grad student.  The quiz gives a bunch of recommended professions when you click on the various links, and it looks like I'm on the right track.  But if I were to choose something today, right this very minute?

Hazmat technician.  I got skillz.

*Picture it in slo-mo, with hazmat cleanup rock star music*

If for nothing else but the cool outfits.

For Mama Kat's prompt:
3. You HAVE to go back in time and choose a different career path for yourself. What do you choose?



  1. Yeah, the zero in creativity jumped right out at me too. I had to give it a try myself. I went off the chart in creativity, but this must be purely based on the fact that I selected activities that seemed the most appealing to me .... regardless of whether I'm qualified to do those things.

    I got a zero in technical and people. This is a little scary to me!

    1. Technically, I know you're good with people!

  2. Unfortunately, I have hazmat skills too, thanks to living with quite a few boys.
    I'm gonna take this quiz sometime when I'm not so tired. I hope to god it tells me I like to work with people, 'cause I certainly spend enough time doing it. I don't think I could take being thrown for a loop.
    (Oh, and nice drawing by the way! Way to prove your creativity. :)

    1. Right?! Hazmat would be darn lucky to have us!
      The quiz is 15 multiple choice. I'm sure results change depending on mood, tiredness, what was for lunch...

    2. I'm a little hurt that I'm not practical or technical, but it sounds like I'm in the right job anyway....

      Practical 0
      Technical 0
      Creative 1
      Administrative 4
      People 8
      Helping 2

    3. Hmm... have you considered a career in hospitality?

  3. According to the quiz, I am practical and should therefore be a laborer or technician, in a physically active role with plants or animals. Seems like my shelter job fits that pretty well.

    I also scored a 0 on people.

    1. Nice to get confirmation! Ha, my people score beats your people score. I dunno, I like people - the likable ones, anyway.

  4. Some of those tests are so hit and miss. Zero creativity? How dare they!

    Never been one for hazmat suits - I think they could do with re-styling...

    1. I've always felt that "creative" and "technical" go hand in hand, so now I'm all confused.

  5. Zero creativity? You? What a crock. That's why I put little stock in those so-called career surveys or who is your soulmate. I actually scored higher in the creative field than technical. Maybe I missed my calling as a painter or sculptor when I chose Engineering. And zero in administrative? Guess I should give up my manager's hat.

    1. Never too late for a tattoo! Let that creative rebel out.

    2. Yea. I'm ready for it. The question is: which one should I get?

  6. No creativity and would prefer not to work with or around people...specifically in any sort of helpful manner.

    I like you even more now. lol

  7. I think the quiz is wrong. You are very creative!