Saturday, March 28, 2015

another day at the front lines

Meego and the troops had another rousing winter percussion battle today.  Magnum and I have not yet been band banned, so we headed on out to lend our support.

The trip was quite the contrast to the last competition we attended where there was deep snow everywhere.  Today was sunny and warm, like a day at the beach.  The only thing missing was... well... the beach.

much warmer warm-up than last time

Once again, the kids did a nice job.  They compete against the same groups each time, and it's interesting to see how each program has evolved from the earlier competitions.  It's a good thing I'm not a judge, I'd just want to give everyone top prize.

Along with Red, there were a few other baldies from the Bald 4 Bucks effort, even a few brave girls.
I tried to get some decent shots of the show, but my phone camera - she's-a not so good with the slightest movement.  Let's just pretend I was going for artistic flair rather than clarity:




  1. If you ever get band banned, I need to read that blog!

  2. I like the artistic flair of your last pic! Well done!
    And yes, if you ever get band banned, PLEASE tell us all about it. :)
    I love these drum line shows. My kids were/are all marching and concert geeks - although Amp is also a part of wind ensemble- so I've only seen a few.
    You're going to turn into a regular band parent if you're not careful....

    1. Thanks for noticing the artistic flair, I worked hard to get that shot!
      Chaco and Wolfgang both hung up their band instruments when they entered high school, so this is sort of new territory that does bring back memories of the flag girl days. It's all very entertaining and great to see kids put in the extra time to pull it all together. I'm still not wearing the t-shirt, though.

  3. You know in photoshop you can take a sharp photo and blur it, I've never quite understood why you'd want to, but now I can see from your second shot it does add an arty look!

    1. Photoshop features without the Photoshop!

  4. The percussion stuff sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe you can get video of them sometime and share it with your blog fans?

    I have one kid who I always thought had some serious musical inclination. He tried the trumpet and guitar and was playing something resembling music on both of them before his lessons even started. And he used to pick out tunes on my mom's piano too. Sadly, he really didn't have much interest in pursuing music seriously and gave it all up. Crushed my dreams of having a rock star kid.