Saturday, February 28, 2015

sun, wildlife, and drums

We got out into the world a bit today.  It seems like we've spent so much time being snowed in recently, so an outing was nice.  The sun shone pretty much all day, and the roads were all mostly pavement!

Meego had a winter percussion competition today in Denver, so Magnum and I went along, although the stereotypical "band parents" were are certainly not.  But that's another story.

Anyway, it was just nice to have clear roads and clear skies for a change.  The trip and entertainment were just gravy.  We arrived with plenty of time before Meego's group was scheduled to perform, and Magnum noticed a curious "Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge" on the map near the competition venue.

"TWO PONDS?!", he smirked at the name.  "NATIONAL wildlife refuge?!" he smirked at the distinction.  Okay, I agreed it wasn't much of a name, and we were in the middle of a residential area that didn't look anything like a wildlife refuge, so it was decided.  We had to check this place out.

It's a real thing.  I googled.

And we were there.  Today.  See?

It wasn't a huge place, but it actually looked quite inviting.  I think it would be a fun place to take little kids.  Today, it was very buried in snow.  We ventured inward a little bit along a trail someone had blazed with snowshoes, but with the risk of being stranded and resorting to cannibalism, we turned around.

One thing has us curious, however.  Maybe the blog brain trust can help?  Here's one of the trailhead kiosks...

Note the universal "do's and dont's" symbols.  On the right, the "dont's":  No horseback riding, no bicycles, no pooches, no humungous cigarettes, and no shark fishing - apparently.  On the left, the "do's":  Wheelchair access, binoculars/observing, hiking, and... and... deer hunting?  Bring your pet elk?  Not our fault if you are gored by antlered wildlife?  What does that symbol  mean??  


Oh, the band competition was fun too.  They did us all proud.  

I was glad to have something take my mind off the weird signage of Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge...


Junky's Running Dry said...

Elk crossing sign? Kinda maddening actually. Glad you guys managed to get out!

ShadowRun300 said...

Sun and clear pavement! Who needs the beach?
Not gonna be much help with the do and don't signs. Probably best you didn't go in too far, since you weren't sure what you should or shouldn't be doing.
And congrats to Meego on a good band competition. Glad it got you out of the house for a while!

Guano said...

Whoa....TWO ponds. What the 'elk, man?
Meego's band looks all "School of Rock".....did he get to do a face-melting solo?

I like your coat!

agg79 said...

I was going to comment about the signs of what you are not allowed to do or bring. No doggies? No bikes? WI peeked at the site for the refuge to read the whole list of restrictions (No camping, picnics, littering, hunting, fishing, boating, fires). here's the fun in that? I almost expected a "No Kids" sign. I guess that means I can bring my drone quad copter, bagpipes and roller blades (not against the rules). Seems like the rules are different for each refuge. We have a large one down on the coast (Aransas NWR) that allows bikes and pets and picnics.

Guano nailed it. That picture reminded me of "School of Rock".

Abby said...

The symbols are supposedly "universal", but I must've been absent that day!

Abby said...

It was the next best thing to the beach! Okay, not.
And yeah, we wouldn't have made it out of there alive anyways.

Abby said...

I know - TWO ponds! See why we had to stop?
Yes, totally School of Rock! I hadn't made the connection 'til now, but they were jammin'
And I went out for some retail therapy this week and hit the jacket jackpot at the Sports Authority winter clearance Clearance. Practically stole that jacket. Mom would be proud!

Abby said...

So many restrictions! Well... there are TWO PONDS, and it is a NATIONAL refuge! If I go back, I'm bringing the bagpipes!
School of Rock it is! Next time, I'm gonna try to organize a decent mosh pit!

LL Cool Joe said...

I would have preferred the second photo if you'd been pointing to the signs, you know like they do onTV on these awful quiz shows? :D And I have no idea what they mean, but I admire the way you matched your jacket with them!

terri said...

I couldn't help but check out the refuge's website. I mean, all these commenters and none is certain what the deer symbol means. It was an interesting website. Apparently the deer symbol means you're allowed to hunt. I wonder if that changes from a do to a don't depending on the population in any given year? Anyway, I also found out that you can buy a bison!?! I'm not sure where I'd keep one, but maybe they make good pets. Also, the website tells me that Two Ponds Refuge has - count 'em - THREE ponds!

Very cool that Meego performs in the percussion section. I imagined his group sounding along the lines of this:

Abby said...

It takes highly skilled people to do the quiz show pointing, I think! I tried, but failed. Better to just stand there.

Abby said...

Omigosh, so much new stuff about TWO Ponds that isn't even just TWO ponds! And what DO you do with a bison?
This winter percussion is a somewhat new thing. I know it wasn't around when i was in high school, but it's pretty cool, similar to your video, and also includes a drum line doing formations. Sadly, no one at the competition did Led Zeppelin!