Sunday, June 29, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday for Saturday

First of all, I have not yet revisited Zach Galifianakis' portrait.  I do like him though, and he does have a nice full beard,  no?

Yesterday's hike proved to be the right choice, however.  BEAU-tiful day for it.  We hiked the Palmer Lake Trail which we'd been to once before.   It's a nice out-and-back hike which travels to two (upper and lower) reservoirs for the city of Palmer Lake.  It's a friendly elevation gain of about 1250 feet, ending at an altitude of about 8300.

As usual, my climbing mates were not big supporters of my getting photos.  I managed this one by innocently jogging ahead of everyone, then turning with the surprise snap:

Chaco, realizing what was happening, reacted by taking off running towards me, but not before I got the rather West-Side-Story-esque image.

The uncooperatives at the lower reservoir...

...and the upper reservoir...

By the time evening rolled around, we still had some play left in us.  Wolfgang and a couple of friends went to go longboarding while Meego and I opened up our redneck "pool"...

Wolfgang returned from longboarding a while later and says, "So... I crashed...", and I turn to see him standing there with a big old bandage on his right elbow.

"They gave me this because it was bleeding all over"

Then I look him over and notice he's wearing someone else's clothes...  "Yeah, mine were all bloody".

He lowered the waistband of the borrowed shorts to reveal a good patch of road rash... "Totally ruined the underpants"

Other than the sacrificed skin and clothing, he's pretty much none the worse for wear.  He pointed out that his glasses got a bit scratched, but he still has all his teeth.

And here we are in the weekly recap, with one day taking up the whole thing!  Really, there were OTHER good things this week, but in order to keep this from getting any more lengthy, those will have to be continued...

I'm going to chillax a bit.


  1. ouch! ouch! ouch!!!! I am NEVER going long boarding. My running "crashes" are painful enough for me. (Remember vitamin E. It works wonders. No scabs, so no skin tightening, and less scarring. If he wants that, of course...)
    But your hike looks fun! And I didn't realize you got ALL the kids to go! Woohoo!
    I've seen some pretty rednecky above ground pools, but none more so than yours. Do you each have your own?

    1. Yes, we've preached the vitamin E, among other remedies. We now own enough supplies to stock a small clinic!
      And the hike was actually Chaco's idea. The other two are typically up for such things too as long as they don't encroach on the all important social calendars.
      We have two such redneck pools. One for wash, one for rinse?

  2. Well, at least you get your family to go out and do things all together, even if they're not so cooperative with the camera. I'd say you're pretty successful in the family department.

    Poor Wolfgang! That road rash looks awful. I imagine he had a tough time getting comfortable and sleeping.

    We (Kacey, Connor and I) have been bugging Mark about getting a pool. We just want one of those 16 or 18 footers that can be put up and taken down fairly easily. But Mark is seriously opposed. Maybe if we get a bunch of RubberMaid bins and fill them up with water .... he'll be embarrassed enough to give in! :-)

    1. We're usually up for a day out together, the challenge is getting everyone's schedules to properly align!
      Wolfgang's dealing with the roadrash mainly by keeping it clean and walking around half naked.
      And feel free to reference my blog as a threat tool in your pool negotiations.

  3. Calendula! And arnica (orally)! That's what we used when Tyler bit it on his face in kindergarten and lost pretty much half of the skin. Two months later, you couldn't even tell it happened. Go to the health food store and ask about it (and how to administer it). Ouch!

    1. Calendula we got. Arnica? Really? Hmm....

  4. OUCH!
    But that does look like a great walk. Need to get out and do some of that myself!

    1. Yes, unhook the leashes and go!

  5. Nice way to enjoy the weekend with the tribe. Palmer Lake trail looks like a nice little day hike. The "personal" pools look like something right out of the redneck handbook for weekend fun.

    Ouch. That hurts just looking at it. Poor Wolfgang. I bet he will be one sore puppy in the morning. I am sure the crash was epic/spectacular. I imagine that the crash was preceded by the saying "Hey Watch This!",

    1. It is a nice day hike, and it was nice to see others out enjoying the trail too.
      Wolfgang described the crash to me and what lead up to it. It was preceded by more of a "Hmm... I'll only be going faster later, so might as well bail now!"

  6. Ouch! Glad everything else is intact...