Wednesday, April 16, 2014

hair of the dog

Had the morning off from class, our instructors declaring a "lab day" since we've got some projects to finish up.  I took advantage of it by declaring it a make-your-dog-look-like-a-lab day, and took China to the groomers.  She's been nagging me for a haircut, the bushy fur coat is not a good thing now that the temperatures have gotten more friendly.

And personally, the vacuum cleaner and I are tired of the shedding.

Look!  So happy!

"I'm sexy and I know it... know it... know it..."

It was a good day for it.  Sun was shining with more promise of spring.  I planned to take a bike ride under the clever disguise of running an errand or two.  

No sooner had I brought the freshly shorn China home that the skies clouded up and the temperature began to drop.  And then... and then... and.... then....

Yeah.          That's me  ^.                  


lotta joy said...

Instead of screaming for the snow to stop, I'm screaming for a doctor who takes my insurance. I'll trade ya.

Anita said...

I love it!
...the picture, that is. Not the snow.
After a few days of shorts and tees, we're back to coats, but with promises of Easter bonnet weather this weekend.

ps. Lookin' good China!

Anonymous said...

Very successful lab day, I see. She looks much younger. (hmmm... would that work for me?)
And sorry to hear you have snow again, but that picture is downright funny! Is it too late to get China's coat back?

Guano said...

Up here, we acknowledge our sunshine comes in liquid form. We had really nice spring break weather last week, but it's back to "the ol' man is snoring".

Ms. CrankyPants said...

I feel inappropriate agreeing, but China does, indeed, look sexy.

terri said...

How dare it snow on your day off? Better send Mother Nature a memo to knock it off.

We got snow here last night, but typical of this time of year, it's gone already this evening.

China is looking good! I'm waiting for warmer temps so I can give Lucy a bath. She's already got short hair, but believe me, that does not stop the shedding!

Riot Kitty said...

My family got snow and sleet again this week. Yuck. I wish we could vacuum humans.

Judy said...

Not jealous. It is 87 here today!!!! We think we finally kicked winter out the door! SCHLITTERBAHN IS NOW OPEN!!!!