Wednesday, March 19, 2014

hump day

On Wednesdays, I have a late class.  It's dark when I get out, so I don't ride my bicycle.  The Metro doesn't go to my neck of the woods at that time either, so I'm into option 3:  The Shuttle Lot.

It's not all bad.  It's the university's response to all the parking troubles.  The shuttle buses run all day long from about 7 in the morning to 10 or so at night.  There are big free parking lots at the bottom of the hill, then it's about a 2-mile shuttle ride to campus.

And the shuttles themselves are comfy enough vehicles, like airport shuttles.  There's always music playing on the shuttles - like elevators - except it's not necessarily elevator music.  I think it's iheartradio or spotify or something similar that is up to the driver's discretion.

There's this one olderish driver.  Physically, he looks much like Wilford Brimley, that "diabeadis" guy?  I don't know anything else about him other than he seems to like '80s disco music.  It's what's always playing whenever I ride one of his shuttles.  BeeGees, Diana Ross, Commodores... Homecoming dance music from my era.

It's all right, I can deal with it.  I wonder what the young 'uns think of it though.  This afternoon, I really began to wonder.

I was on Wilford's shuttle and the disco tunes are steaming happily.  We pulled out of the lot just as Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby" kicks in.  The long version.

I swear, we were at the longest red light EVER, right at the point that Donna starts orgasming her way through Love to Love You Baby, the long version.

Often, these shuttles can be rather boisterous.  Side conversations going on.  People talking on cell phones.  Good eavesdropping opportunities.  But not this time.  I swear, does NO ONE have something to drown out Donna Summer's ecstasy?!  This feels AWKWARD!  I was thinking.

*oooooh* And why?  Why does Wilford have *aaaaaaaah*  Love to Love You The Long Version on his *squeeeeaaaaal* shuttle playlist??  *mmmhmmmmm!*  

 Who knew college kids could be so quiet?


Anita said...

"Hump" day in the same story as Donna's "orgasming?" No pun intended? :)

Your 10th way to get to school? You have so many options!

Guano said...

Education. Even happens on the university shuttles.

Abby said...

Pun totally intended. And yes, there are many ways to get there... school, that is...

Abby said...

More "bang" for the tuition buck.

Riot Kitty said...

I love 70s disco music!

Abby said...

You would love Wilford!

Anita said...

of course... LOL

agg79 said...

Now that takes me back. Waaay back. I can just picture that being one interesting shuttle bus ride.