Thursday, January 16, 2014

a few of my favorite things

"You wanna get something else?", she asked

I looked around in no particular direction for a moment.  "Mmmm... nah", I responded.

"A snack?  A drink?", she offered

I pondered for a second. "Mmmm... nah", I concluded.

I have one of those store memberships that gives reward bucks for purchases made.  I went to the store this morning to cash in on my latest reward, a result of Christmas shopping.  Turned out that my purchase was less than the amount of my reward.

The cashier confirmed that I could use the reward coupon, but I couldn't get change back, then we had the above exchange.  There just wasn't anything else there that I wanted.  And, if you must know, I was at a sporting goods store getting insoles for my walking shoes.  I only had about two dollars "extra".

I'm not really a "things" person - minimalist, remember?  So when I saw Mama Kat's prompt

3.) Five of your current favorite things.

I kind of struggled to come up with five things.  That's after ruling out people, of course, and  non-physical things like "health" or "peace of mind", etc...

But, by George, I came up with some stuff!

First of all, there's Bella bicycle:

Hot Hot Hot!

"Why Bella?",  you may be asking.  After all, I have two three bicycles.  While newbie Alice is a lean, mean, speedy machine, and playful Tessa is oh so zippy in her green tires, Bella goes just about anywhere I ask her to go.  Places where I would have to portage Alice or Tessa.

I'm not really a joyride bicyclist, but more of a get-sh*t-done bicyclist.  Bella gets it done.

Next, there's the gadgetry:

Okay, it's really three things lumped together as "gadgetry", so it counts as one.  There's my iPod nano that I finally got around to getting last year.  Music is food for the soul.  Then there's my Nexus 7 tablet.  Yeah, I could live without it, but it does SO much while being SO portable.  Lastly, my dumb phone.  I remember the time I went a-tuting and left it at home.  I was like an astronaut floating in space with no contact with the Mother Ship.  

And yes, I know I could combine these three things into one device, but not without compromise.  Now I like having them in their three separate forms (but they still count as one "thing" for this post!)

Nextly, some toys:

You know those weird emo kids with the asymmetric hairdos and eyeliner and sketchpads?  On the inside,  I'm one of those, only happy.  On the outside, I'm a math teacher, but I'm more like an art teacher that teaches math.   Without the marijuana.  

Then there's the various unguents:

Especially this time of year, I need my lip balms and salves.  That dark labeled one on the bottom?  I got that after spinning a wheel at a booth at the recent Turkey Trot.  There were other prizes, but I WANTED that lip balm, Baby!  WIN!

Okay, there's my five things.  Except it's kinda four things.  

It's my day to leave the extra behind.


agg79 said...

I was going to comment about only 4 things. Of course Bella would make the top of the list. She's earned that spot. I am surprised that Elly Mae didn't make the list. I can totally understand the Bert's Bees. All that cold, dry weather really tears up my skin.

I really hate it when gift cards don't match up to the purchase. I usually wind up with some small amount left over on the card (81 cents) or having to pay up the delta when I go over.

Rock Chef said...

I love the way you name your bikes. Not sure what I would call mine. Solid, dependable - Albert, maybe?

Ms. CrankyPants said...

1. I officially have that "favorite things" song stuck in my head now, where it will be ALL.DAMN.DAY!
2. Burt's Bees would be on my list too. Oh, and Yes to Carrots. Love their products!
3. I'm addicted to lip balm.

Abby said...

I think Albert is a very fitting name, based on what I know about him!

Abby said...

Yeah, all that shopping I did for that extra $1.10 - all for nothing!

Abby said...

I'd never heard of Yes to Carrots until now, might have to sample some stuff!
And I understand that Julie Andrews created a "dirty" rendition of that song. Would love to hear it :).

Anonymous said...

I know it's your day to leave a little behind, but the shooz! You forgot the shooz! Or perhaps Bella even beats out your shooz as one of your favorite things. I can see how she might.
I was shopping for clothes the other day and was told if I spent 2 more dollars I could save $10. I grabbed a bag of candy near the checkout. I thought it was worth it.

Riot Kitty said...

I am snickering over the possibilities of "does so much while being so portable!" :)

Abby said...

Yes, that's actually the store where I get my shooz! But... but... I wasn't due for any, and I couldn't do it! Good call on your part, though, with that bag of candy. Did you share??

Abby said...

Is that racy indecent snickering I hear?!

ShadowRun300 said...

Nope. I specifically chose coffee flavored. No one else like's 'em so I don't have to hide them in my underwear drawer.
I just got a new pair of shooz..... You may hear about them soon.

Abby said...

Aha, good choice! My store just offered protein bars, energy drinks, etc. - meh. But I shoulda got some dang lip balm!! *FAIL*

Yes, shooz revyooz please!

terri said...

Blistex is my lip balm of choice. I have tubes of it all over the house, in my purse, at my desk at work. I guess the same is true for my readers. I guess I'm getting old!

You've got a very respectable list of favorite things there. If I had a list of favorites, it might also include a pile of gadgets. Maybe also, I would add my Keurig coffee maker, for that one delicious cup of coffee I drink per day. My reusable water bottle - it screws apart so I can put ice inside of it. I get to be green while still enjoying ice in my water. What else??? OH! My bowling ball! Yep. There. I think my list is complete.

Good on you for not finding that extra little something to add to your purchase. It probably would have put you over anyway and you'd have to dig out some cash. I'd be the sucker that went in search of something, just to spend up the dollar amount.

Anita said...

So I'm not the only one who deals with cracked, peeling lips. I must follow everyone's lead and stock up on the balm. I usually find some that belongs to my daughter. Don't know why the lights are just coming on to Get My Own! And to use it!

It's nice to have favorite things that are so much a part of us.

Abby said...

I like your list too! And I can't say that I'm immune to finding other stuff to bring my purchase total higher in order to "save" :P

Abby said...

Lip balm is a fave, but I realize that I hardly EVER buy it. In fact, all three in my photo were "promotional items". Sure beats 'fridgerator magnets or mini frisbees!