Sunday, December 8, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings fellow Ice Agers!  Cold enough for ya??

Oh well, I'm happy to report that the sun is visiting us, at least for the time being. It's still cold, but brightly so.   Like Magnum says, maybe the sun reads my blog.

Still much to be grateful for this week, like a warm home and clothing.  I was out yesterday and saw what I think was a coyote.  It didn't look in very good shape - scraggly, limping and near frozen.  And I'm taking advantage by defrosting our freezer today.  The contents are out in the big walk-out freezer that is our back deck.

I was glad to not have class on Thursday.  The university didn't close altogether, but cancelled all classes before 10 a.m.  Mine that day starts at 9:25 - woot!  Meego got two full snowdays, hasn't been to school since Wednesday.  And I am grateful for the Metro bus system that gets me to school when bicycle commuting is out of the question.  It's clean, safe, and economical!  Okay, I got that from my bus schedule pamphlet, but it's true.  I do have a car, but prefer to not be a part of the congestion if I can help it, and the transit system makes it easy and convenient.  Here's one of the fleet all decked out for the Parade of Lights:

I love that they included the bicycle!

On Wednesday, when the storm was moving in, my dad went to fill their car with gas.  My parents are old and not in the best of health, and my brothers and I worry about them still living independently in their old house.  My dad had some troubles while getting gas - probably a combination of the bitter cold and his general health.  The gas station attendant could've just left him to struggle, but instead took action to get him needed help.  My little hometown gets teased somewhat for being a little podunk town.  Add the fact that it was once the sex change capitol of the world, and it can be the brunt of many a joke.  The people there are of the best though!  

Finally, here's a pencil portrait of Meego that one of his friends made during Thanksgiving break.  Isn't it good?  The artist is a middle schooler!  

My own artwork has taken a back seat while I'm going to school, so it's good to know there are still kids out there with pencils and sketchbooks doing other things besides cyber bullying each other!



terri said...

Why, YES! It IS cold enough for me, thank you! :-) Glad to hear the sun came out for you today. We saw it for a while too. I guess it stands to reason. It IS SUNday, after all.

More importantly, I'm so glad someone stepped in to help your dad. I know how it feels to worry about parents. Nice to know there are still good samaritans in the world.

That drawing is amazing! I love the texture in the hair and am amazed at how bright Meego's eyes look, in spite of the fact that it's a black and white drawing.

lotta joy said...

I'm now wondering if the bike was a permanent hood ornament and got decorated along with the bus....or did the rider decorate it like that. Now, it seems to me that is what's missing in your life. A decorated bike and tennis shoes. Do they still call them tennis shoes? My age is showing.

Anonymous said...

It's cold enough for me too, thank you. Good to know we'll be getting some sun in a few days though.
There are a lot of pros and cons of living in small town, as I well know. People helping each other is definitely one of the pros.
Meego's friend did a terrific job! I'm so impressed! When I was that age I was drawing a square house with a triangle roof on top of a hill with some stick flowers growing around it. Heck, that's still all I can draw.
And I like that you use your deck as a freezer. Definitely a perk of living in Colorado this time of the year!

Rock Chef said...

You put all your food out on the porch so the sick coyote could have a feast? That is very kind of you! :-)

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh wow! That bus all decked out in lights looks awesome!!

We finally got some snow over here - but it quickly turned to rain. :(

And I am totally impressed with the pencil portrait of Meego!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Poor coyote! I was thinking about how lucky our kitties are - it got down to 9 a couple of nights ago.

That is a great picture! That kid's going to be a talented artist for sure.

Anita said...

Good idea to use the outdoor freezer while it's available and while you have the time.

In central Virginia, we're in the low 30s - a temp that we don't see and "feel" too often. Still, I took my pup for a two mile walk this morning - along with a friend of mine. Aside from my knees and fingertips, I was relatively warm.

Festive bus and nice picture of Meego. The artist is a mini-you. :)

I hope your parents will maintain a quality of life and that you and your siblings can help them without experiencing too must frustration. None would be great, but is that realistic? Hmmm...

LL Cool Joe said...

That really is a great drawing I agree.

It's actually pretty mild here in the UK now, but I'd still prefer to be in AZ. :D