Sunday, December 15, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

*POOF*, Fast week, huh?!  Seems like I was just here doing the frozen silver liningness of last week.

I'm happy to report that temperatures here have improved and the snow and ice is trying to melt.  After the first couple of days, fluffy pretty snow becomes crusty grungy and nobody wants that to hang around.  Plus, the temperatures feel almost human again.

AND, brother Guano surprised me with some new running duds in the mail this week!  Some  capri tights and a tech top from Brooks.  Unfortunately, it's been too cold for the capris as of yet, but I've got a good feeling I'll be "field testing" them in the next few days!

On a related note, I was walking home on Friday at about the time the elementary kids got out of school.  I saw this kid, Tyler, walking towards me.  Tyler used to hang out with me at the crosswalk each day after school.  He didn't even cross the street, he just liked hanging out.  In fact, he even told me that he wished he did cross the street so as to be part of the action.  He was one of the kids I knew I would miss when I left that post.

Anyways, I saw him walking towards me.  He was kicking a tennis ball he'd extracted from a pile of snow.  As he passed me, I said "Hello!".

"Hi", he responded and kept kick-walking.  A couple of paces further, he stopped and said, "HEY!"

So we had a nice little reunion.  He told me about how he'd won first place in the 5th grade spelling bee and so now is going to the regional bee.  If he gets first or 2nd in that, he'll go to the state bee.  I'm not one to put a lot of weight on spelling bees in general, but I'm excited for him.

And speaking of winning, we won Magnum's office football pool again last week.  WHOOO, it's almost like that powerball jackpot!  except... not...

And we think we've discovered China's issue with the stairs.  After noticing that she goes up and down the basement stairs just fine - in fact, she seemed to go up and down them JUST for dealing with the stress from her issue with the other stairs - we're pretty sure her problem is that the stairs going upstairs are too slippery for her comfort.  They're wood whereas the basement stairs are carpeted.

Any suggestions?  Short of providing my own self as a grippy human walkway?  (It has crossed my mind)


Anonymous said...

We had the same pretty, fluffy snow that has turned gray and crusty. Not so pretty anymore. At least I know it'll be melting soon. You know, since yours is now.
How sweet that you met up with an old cross walk buddy. I love that he wanted to share his spelling accomplishments!
As for China... OF COURSE!... Chancie is the same way when she comes in with wet feet. She seems to know she's going to slip on the hardwood, and is very hesitant about coming in. And the older she gets, the more careful she seems to be. While I would never become a grippy human walkway, I can totally see you doing that for China. No? How about the non-skid strips that you put in tubs. Would that work on your stairs??

meleah rebeccah said...

"*POOF*, Fast week, huh?!"

I WAS JUST SAYING THAT. Yes. Super fast. Way too fast, actually!

"And speaking of winning, we won Magnum's office football pool again last week.  WHOOO, it's almost like that powerball jackpot!"


PS: Sorry I don't have any stair suggestions for China.

Abby said...

I was worried that Tyler would just keep on a-walking and I'd just be another crossing guard left in his wake...
I KNOW there's a solution for China. Little bathtub ducks maybe??

Abby said...

Christmas is coming fast! No tree, no lights, no ham... I gotta get on it!

Riot Kitty said...

That is such a cute story about that kid!
So - silly me - I saw "POOF!" and read too fast and thought it said, "POOP!" Shows you how mature I am.

Linda Hensley said...

Sometimes animals don't see depth perceptions correctly and stairs can freak them out. I had to teach my dog steps by standing next to her, then down one until she joined me, down another, etc. while I muttered about "stupid dog" in the cold -- but she did my basement steps too, I think because there's a metal strip on the edge of each stair and it was easier to see. She still doesn't like the upstairs steps which is fine with me since I don't really want her up there. Good luck!

Abby said...

In your defense, it does look a lot like "POOP!"

Abby said...

Interesting note, Linda. The way I've been getting her to go up the stairs is to walk beside her - acting as her "guide dog". She does just fine with that.