Wednesday, November 20, 2013

what else I got to do?

I was sitting in the basement of our rental house with the dog pee odor forever in the carpeting.  Chaco and Wolfgang were off at elementary school doing 3rd and 4th grade stuff.  Meego was hanging out with me and Bob the Builder on VHS.

We had just moved here and were still getting settled.  I didn't really know anyone yet.  I think I'd met the school secretary and Chaco's and Wolfgang's teachers, but that didn't really count as "knowing".

But I had the internet.

I went online to search information about a certain store and was led to a blog entry some guy had written about going to that store later.  "Gosh, how boring", I thought.  And then, "I can be boring, I should start a blog".

So I did.

And I started reading other blogs at the host site of mine.  Some were fun, entertaining, popular.  Mine was... there too.  I kept at it, posting one or two times a week, but mostly reading others.  Then it happened.

I got a comment.

My first blog friend!  Whats-her-name!  Really, she's one that I've lost track of.  But others followed and I'm glad to say that I've remained internet friends with the majority of blog friends I've made over the years, even the ones who no longer blog.

Even though they know my for real life name, they still call me "Abby" and that's just fine.

And this was my profile pic for a while - the one where I'm pointing at something really interesting that no one is interested in...

Story of my life.

(a.k.a. my Blog)

From the NaBloPoMo prompt variant:  "Tell us about your first day blogging"



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you took up blogging all those years ago. And that you're still going at it today. It's always fun to come over here and visit. And your blog has led me to a whole slew of other bloggers who are just as fun.
As far as knowing your name... well, I can vouch for how hard it was not to call you Abby. One slip-up's not bad. Right?
Great pic of you and the boys. It's usually the kids that won't sit still and look at the camera. Not the moms. ;)

terri said...

I had a very similar experience which led me to blogging. I'd somehow stumbled upon and had been reading Amalah religiously. Thought she was hysterically funny and thought I could probably write like she did - minus the humor cuz my sense of it is not nearly as good as hers was. But I didn't know how one obtained a "blog." Then I stumbled across an internet ad for Blogger and I gave it a shot. Created a site and started writing. My first commenter was Zig from Canada. He led me to Rock Chef and Wreggie and a few others who no longer blog. I can't remember exactly how you and I connected... was it that same circle of writers? All I know is I feel like we've known each other forever and that I'm so grateful that we've come to know each other through the internet.

Abby said...

After all this time, it's hard to imagine NOT blogging. In this month of thankfulness, I'm glad I took it up too, and for all the fun bloggers I've met - and even met one in person!

Abby said...

You are one of my longest running blog buddies! I don't remember how we ran into each other either but so glad we did. I guess the stars just aligned!

agg79 said...

Funny how we all started out those many, many years ago. Like SR300, I am glad you took up the keyboard and started your "boring" blog. Years later, we have the Xtreme Crossing guard/teacher/student/mom - some many posts, so many pictures. . I'm like you and find it hard not to imagine you out there in the blog-o-sphere. I started out slow and chaotic. I did not think it would last or go anywhere but somehow it led into 6 years of stuff. I do recall that Terri was my first commentor and her posts encouraged me to going. I eventually wandered up over to your site through her. Now, many miles down the road, I am glad to have made over here. I've learned a lot from everyone's blogs, made new friends, met new faces. Thanks for setting the bar high for the rest of us.

Abby said...

A lot of my blogfriend connections link back to Terri... hmmm. I'm so glad you wantered over!

lotta joy said...

I was SO lonely in 1995 that I started "posting" three or more times a day. I saw it as therapy, or just putting my feelings down. Months passed and I didn't yet know about the art of visiting someone's blog, leaving a COMMENT (OMG!), then getting one back.

Eventually, I tried ONE BLOG. They commented on MINE! But I was still "talking" three times a day. Someone told me that if I wanted readers, I had to blog less often.

That didn't make sense, but it worked. Some days, I could still do three posts, but most WEEKS, I can't come up with squat.

Marcy said...

I got tricked by my son on my first comment, but not counting that I got a nice comment from a real-life friend after I shared my post on Facebook. That was sweet. Then my first comment from someone I didn't know was really exciting. I think she clicked through to my site after I commented on her blog.

Guano said...

If I had one, it would be more of a "blah...g" because it'd be a pretty boring read. Your (and others') charm lie in your obervational abilities -- interpreting the seemingly mundane in creative ways. And you are particularly good at weaving a story with a "gotcha" at the end. The artwork is icing on the cake. Good stuff, right here.

Anita said...

I hope my brother is as proud of me as yours is of you.

Anita said...

I am still amazed at the relationships established from blogging! So put me in the thankful group during this week of Thanksgiving.

By the way, eventually, I am going to stop by the sites of some of your blog friends. I feel that I know a little about each of them because of their daily comments to you. Time prevents me from frequent visits to new people, but a drop by is definitely possible.

By the way, if I ever get to Colorado, I'm going to look you up! :)

Abby said...

If you ever got to Colorado and didn't look me up, there'd be trouble!