Saturday, November 30, 2013

a good afternoon to not do that

Here we are.  Not shopping

or putting up Christmas decorations

or cooking turkey leftovers

or doing homework

but maybe we shoulda brought the bikes...


  1. You and Magnum's eyeglasses are dark, so it must have been a sunny day. And I notice the jackets and shorts on the young one, so the temp must have been decent... unless you all are so used to 35 degrees that you don't need heavy clothes.
    Anyway, good for you! to become one with nature for a while instead of being lead by leftovers and Christmas lights.

    1. It was very sunny, and relatively warm, though not for shorts IMHO. Meego is trying to never wear long pants. Not sure how long the streak is at this point.

      And I stole my title from a couple we met on the trail. She sarcastically commented, "You're not hanging your Christmas lights?" After I gave a definitive "NOPE!", he said "It's a good day to not do that".

  2. I am definitely NOT into shopping right after Thanksgiving, but I do have to admit we put up the Christmas tree and stockings. (Only because it has to be done SOMEtime.)
    Amp is almost the opposite of Meego. He prefers to wear long pants no matter what the weather. It was odd seeing him in shorts a few times this year.
    Enjoy the rest of your long weekend! Hope it continues to be full of sun! (And not shopping.)

    1. I've never been a Black Friday Doorbuster. Online maybe... Congratulations on having your tree and stockings up!
      Meego gave up denim long ago, then it was long pants in general. What'll it be next?!

  3. Looks like a GREAT day to be doing what you did and not doing what you didn't do! I can't help it. I get sucked into the Christmas spirit the minute Thanksgiving is over. Plus I wanted to get the tree up so that all the kids could help decorate while they were here.