Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Another good week is in the books.  It started out with arctic temperatures, but ended up in the 50's with us wanting more snow.

Yesterday, I was sitting here drawing and Magnum kept rounding people up to go see a baby golden eagle out behind our house.  I was all, "pffffftttt... baby eagle.  Probably just a hawk".  Finally, I had to go check and By Gum!  I think he was right.

Not quite a baby, but not full grown either.  Probably an adolescent recently booted from the nest.  We could see it really well with the pornographic binoculars, but my camera is crap.  A non-crap camera is tops on my "want" list.

And speaking of kids booted from the nest, Chaco FINALLY goes back to the dorm this weekend.  Was that a long break or what?!  He's been out since mid-December, and has been climbing the walls the last couple of weeks.  We had to knock him out and remove four big teeth just to liven things up for him.  So, once again, I'm glad his university is right here in town and that getting him back there is relatively easy.  I'm also glad he badly wants to go back.  So far, so good grade-wise.

Also this week, one of the local high schools contacted me about doing some training for their Juniors.  This school is in an "underprivileged" district, and it was so refreshing to meet with educators and administrators that really have a passion for their work. On top of that, one of the teachers I met ended up hiring me to tutor her daughter over the next few weeks.  Cool!

Over the last few weeks, I'd been buried in paperwork dealing with rewards programs, changing insurance agents, rebates, and the like.  This week, all of our refunds, rewards, and rebates came flooding in.  Yay for fat checks!  Sometimes, I think these companies bank on people just not wanting to do the paperwork.  Sorry to disappoint them.  Not.


ShadowRun300 said...

We were in the 60s yesterday. 20s today. We're a little messed up here in the midwest. Suppose you are too - not having much snow and all...
I can't believe how long Chaco was on break! He musta been bored if having 4 teeth pulled gave him "something to do"....
I think you're right that the companies hope people won't take the time to fill out the paperwork - but I ALWAYS do. Even if the check isn't that fat.
I bet you loved meeting with the "professionals". Hope that turns into something for you. Sounds like it may have already!

terri said...

Isn't it amazing to see an Eagle so close to home like that? We've seen Bald Eagles now and then around here. Last year there was a nest in a tree along a highway just a few blocks from our house. People would pull over with their big cameras trying desperately to get a good shot.

The colleges really give kids a long break from classes. Maybe the point is to build up their enthusiasm so they're really ready to dig in when they return to classes.

How great for you to have an opportunity to work in a setting where what you're doing is important to everyone involved. Bet you'll really get a good sense of making a big difference in the lives of the kids you'll be helping.

Linda Hensley said...

I kind of have eagle envy, but glad you got the experience. You've been busy with all the dentists. I don't envy that at all. Reading about your son's drug experience, I feel a little ripped off that I didn't get Smurfed when I had anesthesia. Nice Lance drawing. I completely agree with your summation of him. Oh well, it was a slow news week, so he got another 15 minutes of fame. As long as that's the last of it, and your drawing makes it worth it :)

Rock Chef said...

The one thing that my camera lacks is a decent zoom. Maybe I could glue a pair of those binoculars to the front?

meleah rebeccah said...

It's been awfully warm over here too. I want snow too, dammit!

"A non-crap camera is tops on my "want" list."

Yes, you totally NEED a non-crappy-camera.

Wow, Chaco really DID have a long winter break. It's good that he actually WANTS to be back in school.

"and it was so refreshing to meet with educators and administrators that really have a passion for their work. On top of that, one of the teachers I met ended up hiring me to tutor her daughter over the next few weeks.  Cool!"

Awesome. And, awesomer!

HOORAY for rebates and fat checks!!

agg79 said...

We're in the mid 40s down here at night but are creeping up on hi 60s by the weekend. Like Shadow said, really crazy weather. They're saying that the worst part of winter is over for us. For me, I'll waiting until March before I start breaking out the shorts and tevas.

And you definitely deserve a new non-crappy camera. And with today's technology, you can get a pretty nice set up for less than you'd pay for a good set of pornobinoculars.

agg79 said...

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. We have a few eagles down here as well. Every time one lands in a yard or on a tree, everyone goes gaga trying to take pictures.

Anita said...

Not a fan of buying something that has a rebate because like you said, companies depend on you not doing the mega photocopying, pulling off those tags that get scanned (what are they called?) without ripping them to shreds, etc. to get your money. Oh, and mainly, remembering to do all of this before the deadline date! Kudos to you!