Sunday, October 16, 2011

feral weekend

Fire bans have lifted, so we headed for the boonies!

Yes, we just got back from a weekend camping trip to get in touch with our savage sides.   The Aspen trees were a bit past their peak, but still all purdy.

We enjoyed getting all "Blair Witch"  'round the campfire...

More carnivorous action:

And yes, it was a bit chilly at night in the tents.

Ridiculously huge binoculars, I know.  I swear they're real, though.


Judy said...

Uh, sleeping in a tobogan? Nothankyou! And I thought running when it was 60 degrees out was miserable! EEKS!

terri said...

Is that a picture of the famous Magnum???


Looks like a fun trip! I wish we were campers sometimes. Other times I remember how much I love indoor plumbing.

Anita said...

Now that you mention it, those binoculars are kinda big. Got a nice lol when I enlarged the pic.