Friday, December 28, 2012

not bees knees

Remember last spring / summer, I had a foot fail?  Foot wouldn't run?  You should, I remember.

I freely consulted with a local physical therapist who offered free consultations.  She was competent and thorough, gave me some idea of what was going on with my bum foot, supplied me with a few exercises, and even gave me a pretty green resistance band (which I lost somewhere in Nebraska, harumph!)

And that was that.  I did the exercises, I stopped wearing evil shoes, and eventually I was a running fool again.  One follow-up call to the physical therapist and I haven't seen her since.

I felt a little guilty actually.  My "condition" didn't require ongoing visits.  I got all that stuff for free.  I just felt I should offer something in exchange.  Today, I finally did!  Magnum!

He's been gimping around like an old man for some time now.  Knee troubles.  Like with my foot, there was no specific moment of injury he could tie down.  It's just something that seemingly occurred over time.  He's not really one to suffer in silence *ahem*, so I've been listening to him bat around different courses of action for some time now.

I don't remember if the physical therapist was my idea or his, but I told him he should go see the one I saw for the bum foot.  I realized this could push me further down the guilt path if I referred him and his free consultation didn't prompt future visits.

He went today for free, and looks like he'll be going back all consuming.  Yay, no longer a mooch!

The physical therapist even said she remembered me.  I hope in a good way and not in a mooch-who-wears-wrong-shoes-then-uses-free-consultation-for-free-exercises-and-resistance-band-only-to-lose-it-in-Nebraska way.



ShadowRun300 said...

How nice of you to give her Magnum as a 'thank you' for giving you free stuff to lose in Nebraska. Hopefully she'll be able to ease his suffering.
And I DO remember your foot fail. I couldn't believe you weren't complaining about it all the time like I would have done. I guess that means you are the type of person who DOES suffer in silence.

Guano said...

I wouldn't feel guilty about getting an initial freebie. Lots of outfits (*koff* DRUG DEALERS *koff*) establish relationships (*koff* CATCH THEIR PREY *koff*) that way.

terri said...

So, if we're not aging, where are these random aches and pains coming from?

Mark has been complaining of some non-specific knee pain too. Since I've had the mysterious back pain, I think I'll convince him that we just need a new bed. I've had my eye on a particular one for a while..

I'm sure the therapist knew it was just a matter of time before she cashed in on you/your family. Hopefully Magnum will come away with some "freebies" to go along for his paid-for care.