Thursday, November 22, 2012

you can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal!

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends!  And anyone else who wants to ride along!

Our turkey is cooking and I've got a few other things in process, but first... the 5k turkey trot!

Black Thursday?
It was rather emo themed this year?  with the black race shirts.  The weather was very accomodating with a slight overcast and good breeze.  This is a popular event - the 15th annual according to my propoganda.  There were 3000+ runners.  Typical.

Plus, it's only about a 5k from our house, so Wolfgang and I just headed out and jogged on over.  Heck, it takes me that long to get warmed up anyways.

I was soon left to my own devices once Wolfgang found his pack of friends.  I lined up with a few other parent orphans.

I'm not too anal about my time, but I was hoping to finish under 24:00.  Shortly after the start of the run - heralded by some broadcast rockin' by the Village People (YMCA event...) - this kid about Meego's age tripped and fell right in front of me!  And we were still in packed-in mode!

A few others and I stopped to make sure he was okay and wouldn't get trampled.  Tough guy got right back up and continued the race.  The rest of the race continued without incident with a nice variety of hills and curves.  It did remain relatively more crowded than I would prefer the whole way, requiring near constant jockeying for position, but that's part of the fun too.

Somewhere in the last mile, a guy asked where we were time-wise.  I told him I didn't know.   I did have my watch on, but I use it for telling the time of day... His look said, "thanks a lot for nuthin'!"  Or maybe he was just disgruntled because I was passing him in the process :D.

My finishing time was 24:08, so I didn't quite make the goal.  I could say that the young turkey trot tripper added those crucial seconds, but truthfully, I think last night's Asian Buffet dinner was more of a factor than he was!  The results put me as 7th fastest old lady.

Afterwards came the task of trying to find Wolfgang among the 3000+  assorted "friends".   I don't wear my glasses when I run, and that goes for races too.  I just needed to find the dark-haired kid in the black shirt.  Yeah, good luck with that.

I did find him eventually.  He did 19:06 in the very blue shoes.  So a fun start to a very thankful day.

I'm thankful for my blog friends!  Thank you for stopping by as regularly as you do.  I started this quest to blog every day for a year a little over a year ago, and it means a lot to me the you have followed along so consistently!  Couldn't have done it (be doing it) withoutcha, really!  *tissues, please*

Happy Thanksgiving from all the AbbyNormal staff!


LL Cool Joe said...

Well done! And happy Thanksgiving to you, although it's just a normal day here in the UK.

Abby said...

Happy normal day, Joe!

Scott said...

It is our pleasure--we love your blog!

ShadowRun300 said...

I'll have to remember that before my big trot - no Asian buffet the night before. The question remains though... Did you really finish the race faster than it took you to sign up for it? :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! And thank YOU for giving us such fun, entertaining blogs to follow! It's what keeps us coming back!

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a great event - helps make room for that extra slice of turkey or extra protion of desert...

Hope it continued to be a great day - over here in England it was just another wet and windy day :-(

agg79 said...

Great job! Great excuse for a run. I had an old tradition of doing the local Turkey Trot (5 or 10k) every Thanksgiving. My assignment was to get up at zero dark thirty and stuff the turkey and throw it in the oven before heading out for the run. Great way to justify that extra serving of dressing and gravy. Couldn't find a local one nearby this year. Good run, even if you are panning a 24 minute finish time. I did a 5k on vacation on the boat that was more in the 30 minute range (there were a lot of walkers). Happy Thanksgiving!

Abby said...

Aww, thanks!

Abby said...

Despite the unsatisfying finish time, I DO think I came in under the registration time. And I didn't even have pre-registration Asian buffet!

Abby said...

Happy wet and windy!

Abby said...

I hardly ever sign up for races, but this is one that I look forward to. It's always jam packed and quite competetive, but still fun. Team salmonella made another great showing.

And I slow-cook my turkey. Get it started the night before.

Anita said...

Did you intentionally cut off the top of your head in the picture? :) Still, I can tell you were happy.

What a fun way to start the day! I WISH I could run a 5k in 24 minutes. But... in my next life. I was just telling my 79 year old stepfather this morning that the time doesn't matter, as he headed out for a run. A former marathoner, he is SO envious of fast runners. I should listen to my own advice. :)

I am thankful for the priviledge and fun of having you and other blog friends, too. Happy Day-After Thanksgiving!

Abby said...

Happy Day After to you too Anita!
Yes, I intentionally cut my head off because I was wearing a light grey hat that wrecked the emo look.

terri said...

The race sounds like fun! Nice of you to make sure the young guy was okay. Congrats to both you and Wolfgang on your fine finishes!