Wednesday, November 21, 2012

feeling blue?

Ah, *breathing*.  Things are falling into place.  I hadn't really realized the number of loose ends until I started tying some up.

First of all, I got the yams this morning.  I had to take out a guy wearing a sweatshirt from my college alma mater, but oh well.  It's Thanksgiving.

Meego got his dashing retainer from the orthodontist yesterday.  Mouth all fixed yet?  How about now??

I picked Chaco up last night and he's settled in for the long weekend.  Needs a haircut.  But we may have confirmed the missing jeans residing at the dorm

Also, recall that Wolfgang went to get new running shoes, but the store didn't have his size?  They had some trucked down from one of the other stores and they were in yesterday.  They're loud.  Bright blue loud.

He took them for a test drive this morning and declared them good except, "the color's kinda.... girly".  Now, I happen to have a pair of the girl version in purple.  Also a bit loud:

Brooks PureFlow
girl, boy, girl, boy

It's the laces, he says.  Maybe if the laces were black instead of royal blue?  So we found some black laces laying around so the shoes can be more masculine.

How important is color?  I remember in home ec. classes, how we were taught to make colorful meals as well as tasty ones.  What color to paint the baby's room?  Not red, he'll never sleep.  Blue and brown are relaxing.  White is associated with cleanliness.  Selling your house?  Paint everything beige.

Color seems to keep popping up as a discussion theme lately.  A friend of mine who is a teacher noted an advertisement for a new building toy targeting girls, to try to encourage more girls to become engineers.  This started off  a discussion of the silly  "pinkification" of other building toys like Legos and Tinkertoys.  Do most girls have no awareness of these toys unless they're pink?  I say no.

But I bet there are long discussions and decision making processes that go into the color for athletic shoes.

How much do you care?  Colors.

I found this video I made about a year and a half ago.  As I recall, I was using up some old paints - just random colors - and this is what came of it (and yes, I was cooking eggs at the time too).

Why a scorpion?  I have a thing for arthropods?

Not really, but today is my birthday.  Get the connection?

For a more difficult test, whoever spots the cat in the video gets extra pie.


Larz said...

Perhaps because of who I am, I'm a bit ahead of the game regarding "gendered" items. I think it's absurd. As a child, I shunned pink and purple because I knew they were associated with girls. I never owned a barbie, only g.i. joes and myriads of stuffed animals. My parents were okay with it all (until lately.) Also, I totally love purple. And I wear it as often as possible now. I guess I'll always be a gender rebel.

Guano said...

As a motorcyclist, I had to wear a reflect vest to get onto the installation -- increased visibility. It started out as regulation organge, but faded to *ahem* a feminine color over months of commuting in all types of weather. Chided by piles of machismo....

"It's not pink! It's SALMON!"

Happy Birthday to my favorite Scorpio :-)

Jimmy said...

Yes color is important in many things, but as far as which color totally depends on the person, I just imagine the black laces made the shoes more comfortable for Wolfgang simply because he liked the look better. As for everything all of a sudden turning pink to sell things for girls works really well until you find a girl who doesn't like pink :)

Happy Birthday my Friend!

Abby said...

Yes, good word "absurd" - how I feel about the pink legos and the like. Rebel on!

Abby said...

Hmm... so "pink salmon" is redundant?

Abby said...

I agree. I think colors, especially clothing, are individual choices and shouldn't be labels. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

ShadowRun300 said...

After having 3 boys, I went all out pink when my daughter was born. When she was old enough to talk, she made it quite clear that she doesn't like pink. So I don't think all girls are drawn to something that's been pinkified. Myself, I'm drawn to many colors, depending on the object.
Happy Birthday from one Scorpio to another! I loved watching you paint, but never did see the cat. hmph. I wanted pie.

meleah rebeccah said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Happy Birthday to you!

And also, those sneakers are awesome. Mostly because purple is my favorite color!

Rock Chef said...

Happy Birthday!

I agree that they need black laces - too much blue for a boy...

Great scorpion! Reminds me of a model one that I painted a few years ago - I will dig it out and post a photo.

I don't like the gender targeting of a lot of basic toys - kids tend to gravitate to things that interest them because of what they do. If your daughter won't play with a toy because it is not pink you are doing something really wrong!

Abby said...

As the only girl after two brothers, I can attest to being awash with pink in the formative months. It didn't last. Maybe Mom was disappointed at first, but that battle was WAY down on the priority list. Not that I ever gave her battles...

Abby said...

Thanks! I like my purple shoes too :)

Abby said...

I think gender targeting of toys usually fails. Kids are going to gravitate to whatever they're going to gravitate to.
I think scorpions are such cool creatures! Unless there's one in a sleeping bag!

agg79 said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you got a nice presents and lots of cake! Or at least a nice card.

Love the video montage. Did not spot the cat but I haven't had my coffee yet. Great timelapse of how you work.

And I am not certain the gender targeting works anymore. Too many things are deemed "for boys" or "for girls" don't see to sell as well as they used to. I have started to consider some other color schemes for my running shoes as well. My latest ASICs are bright red but I am looking at some neon colored ones for the next pair.

Abby said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! The shoe colors get wilder all the time, it seems. I needed shades for the running store wall.

The cat is right around 1:53 in the video. Blink and you miss him.

terri said...

Happy belated birthday from a fellow Scorpio!

Shoe color is important to me. If the color doesn't sit right with me, I won't even try it on. I gravitate toward blues, grays, black and pinks.