Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smudgy Silver Liningness Sunday

My Getway Weekend has wound down.  I made a total pig of myself.

I blame peer pressure.

Remember when ShadowRun300 came out with her family to visit Colorado?  How I had my first blog friend meetup??  Shortly afterwards, she asked me if I'd ever done a mud run.  She said she was thinking about doing one, did I know anything about them?

No, I'd never done one, "but they sure look like fun!"

So when she said something like, "If I come back out there, would you be a dirty girl with me?", I was pleasantly surprised!

I said, "CHYAAA!", but I'd have to check my schedule... FOR A NANOSECOND!!

Next we knew, we were on the roster to get good and dirty yesterday.

Omigosh, So.  Much.  Fun.   Now I have truly lived.

After I got us a bit lost... *cough *ahem*... we arrived with time to spare and pulled into the dirt field and parked next to, I think it was, Team "Vodka and Cigarettes".

The Shadowmobile!

It was a beautiful day in Eastern Boonies, Colorado.  Warm sun.  No clouds.  Lots and lots of mud and fun ladies.

Still squeaky clean
When it came time four our wave to start, we were both chomping at the bit.   Our "official" got us all fired up with some dancing and high-fiving, always remembering that the event is for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our SRun300, for those who have not met her in person, is a petite but fit slip of a woman.  But don't let her size nor hobbies fool you.  She is no cupcake, but an absolute ANIMAL in the mud-and-obstacles wars!

The 5k course includes things with names like Just Get Over It, Jail Break, Barn Burner, The Hangover, H2O MG, Get a Grip... all of it PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff).

And of course, as we squelched and squirched our way through the dirt and muck, we were accompanied by a fun group of ladies.  Just a few things overheard:

"I'm still so hungover.."

"I'm closing my mouth for this one.  I've got gum"

"TAKE  YOUR  SHIRT  OFF!" (to our male race official.  He didn't)

"We sound like a milking machine" - from the sound made from running-while-muddy.  (SR300 made that astute and appropriate observation)

"What's with all this mud?  I thought by 'Dirty Girls', they meant 'Slutty Girls'" (She was joking.  I think).

Not to mention, some of the team names:

"More Than a Mouthful"
"Mud Butts"
"Mud MILF's" (!!)
"Dirty Old Ladies"...

By the time we were done, we were coated in thick farmer's mud, happy as hogs.

The toughest part of the event was trying to get clean afterwards.  The "showers" were garden hoses draped over hay bails, tapped into trucked-in c-c-c-c-c-c-old water.  As we stood in line waiting our turns at the spigots, ShadowRun realized she couldn't do the frigid water shower.  

I quick grabbed me a hose while she coaxed more heat from the sun.  After getting "clean enough", I put on some dry clothes, leaving my muddy getup in a heap in the changing tent.  We got SR300 into some drier clothes before heading back to the hotel where we each took The Best Showers EVER.  

What a BLAST!  I'm so glad ShadowRun invited me to join her at "The Spa."

We woke up sore, scratched up, and happy this morning.  First mud run for each of us.  Can't say it will be our last...


terri said...

That is AWESOME! So glad you two had such a great time! Love the pictures. I have to admit, I think it would be kind of fun to go play in the mud!

Abby said...

Hmmm... got some running clothes you wouldn't mind gettin' dirty??

agg79 said...

Awefreakingsome! Given the hints SR300 was dropping, I finally figured out her destination (of course the crossing was dead giveaway). To meet up with her a 2nd time AND for a mud run - is absolutely crazy. Glad to hear you were able to hook up and get back to your roots with her. That looked like so much dirty fun.

Tony LaRocca said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Around here, mud is just something you slip and fall in.

Guano said...

Five clicks of mud in yer eye sounds like Team Masochistic Mamas. Years from now you'll both treasure the mammaries, er, memories!

Jimmy said...

Sounds like a great time, and the cause just makes it better, I have a feeling like you said this is just the first of many more to come for you :)

ShadowRun300 said...

Abby, I am SO glad you agreed to get down and dirty with me! It honestly was the most fun I've had in a long time! And I didn't mind being lost one bit - it just heightened the anticipation of what was to come. (Plus, it was great fun talkin' with ya!)
I'm up for another Redneck Spa Day anytime! (sans goatheads, of course - Ouch!) I'm already planning my next throw-away outfit!

Rock Chef said...

Wow, around here they think 5k along the prom is tough! You look like you had a great time, and all in a great cause too! What more can you want?

Abby said...

Just goes to show what this silly blogging biz can lead to!

Abby said...

Poor mud, it' got such a bad image. High time to turn that around.

Abby said...

Very true! And there's mud in more than our eyes...

Abby said...

It's a literally slippery slope to mud-aholic!

Abby said...

And I'm so glad you asked in the first place - GREAT idea!! Best pig-out session ever!

Abby said...

It really was a fun and well-organized event. 5k along the prom? Roadrace in formal wear??

lotta joy said...

I've been painting for two days and the tireder I got, the more sloppy I became. It took a lot of effort just to stand up in the shower at 11 last night, but I'd rather be covered in paint than mud. icky icky poo poo. But I prefer your new blog header!

LL Cool Joe said...

How come you look good even covered in mud!

Abby said...

Well, I think the mud probably came off easier than paint would. Plus, my outfit matched better I bet. Blog header is #2 son riding my pretty bicycle :)

Abby said...

Good?? Hmmm... maybe it's BECAUSE I'm covered in mud?