Sunday, September 9, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

This week, things settled down a bit busyness-wise, or it least it felt like it.  Yesterday was a big day for ACT testers.  I had a handful of students in the fray, and hopefully they collectively wrecked the curve for the others.

As this weekend was "game day" for them, it left my weekend a little more open than usual, so I've enjoyed having more playtime and sharpen-the-saw time and get-stuff-done time.

Wolfgang had another cross country meet yesterday.  He's back healthy after the back-to-school cold virus ritual, so he ran with the big dogs and set a new PR.  His team came in 2nd overall, so he was happy about that.  This after he nearly wasn't allowed to participate - but that's anOTHER story.

I had a lovely bike ride this morning and reminded myself that I really need to savor such things, because soon it will all go into hibernation for the dark, cold days of winter.  As I was riding along, lapping up the good times, at one point I noticed another bicycle chick fall in behind me.  Not unusual for such a fine morning.

Later, about 5 miles further into the ride, I stopped in the gutter to snap the pic above of some hot air balloons.  As I was digging for my phone to take the photo, Bicycle Chick appeared at the crest of the hill just behind me then whizzed on past.

Had she been on my tail the whole time?  I guess so.  Judging from her speed as she went by, perhaps she was using me as a pacesetter.  Until I decided to snap those balloons, I wasn't slowing down for anybody!

I took the  pic, stashed my phone, then put my toes back in the straps and gave chase.  I rounded a curve and spotted Bicycle Chick about 2 or 3 blocks ahead of me.  I was closing the gap when, alas, she turned left at the intersection where I turn right.  Well, it was a fun race while it lasted.

I'm still glad I stopped for the balloons.


ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats to Wolfgang on his PR! Perhaps you can share his OTHER story someday - or is it better off forgotten?
And congrats to you on almost winning your race. The balloons were well worth the sacrifice, though! (Is this Bicycle Chick the same one you see at your crosswalk??)

Rock Chef said...

The photo was worth it - you can deal with Bicycle Chick another day!

Abby said...

Wolfgang says "Thanks" :)

I'm pretty sure that this Bicycle Chick is not the same Bike Lady that commutes through the crosswalk. It can be hard to tell with all the helmet and shades business, but nah. I just couldn't NOT stop and smell the balloons.

Abby said...

Agreed! Even if it was a grainy cell phone pic.

LL Cool Joe said...

Hmm a little bit of competition I sense? ;) I'm glad you stopped to take the photo too. :)