Saturday, August 4, 2012


Did anyone notice that we turned a page in the calendar?  It's August.  How did that happen?  July is a blur.

I did manage to sign up for another month of daily blogging.  This month's theme is "sweet".  Well, isn't that... uhm.... sweet.

  NaBloPoMo August 2012

I was a bit reluctant, as I do feel an abduction coming on.  Tuscan Raiders?  Jawas?

If you don't hear from me, save the ship.


agg79 said...

Sweet! Another month of Abby posts! But you better watch out for those Jawas. They can sneak up on you. Summer's almost gone. Have you started to work on your Crossing Guard drills?

terri said...

Where has the summer gone? I'm looking forward to another month of daily Abby posts!

ShadowRun300 said...

Yay! Another month of daily posts! I've come to depend on your daily posts at the end of a long day. (How's that for pressure...)
I can't believe it's August already. What's Colorado like in August? 'Cause I keep thinking I wanna go back and 'finish' my vacation. It was way too short.
Are the boys ready to go back to school? Are you ready for Crossing Guard duty? Seems to be coming up quick!

Larz said...

I'm hoping August means the end of this terrible heat...

CiCi said...

I so agree with you about July being a blur. A blurry blur. The blurriest blurry blur. Well, you get the picture, if not in focus.

I change the decorations at the senior center on the first of each month, and have not had time to take down July decorations yet. Tomorrow I will be there early working on the decorations.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm still waiting for summer to start. :D I think you are very brave blogging every day, I just don't have that much to say!

Anita said...

You can do it! Not that you need encouragement from me. You've been on a roll and sure to stay on it now that you've signed up.

Of course I had to Google those characters. In my next life, I will know all about Star Wars, etc.