Sunday, August 5, 2012

camp crocodile

We had us a bit of a feral adventure weekend!  Now, I'm back, all showered and sweet-smelling and faced with a mountain of laundry.

We high-tailed it out yesterday morning for the wilds of Alamosa, CO to go visit the alligators.  It's a talapia farm where the alligators are employed to.. erm .. clean up the waste.  
swamp things
There are a LOT of alligators there.  I'm thankful for fences!

There were other cuddly things too!

Holy purse material, Batman!
We camped nearby at a campground that is more-or-less the parking lot of a swimming pool.  The pool is fed from a geothermal well and the water is quite hot year round.  It's not exactly "refreshing", but it was a nice activity after a day with the gators.  
The camping area was very comfy with frog/fish/duck ponds all around.  We were lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bullfrog orchestra.

We turned in early so as to be up with the stars to go on our next adventure:  The Great Sand Dunes.  This was our first family trip there, and actually my first time there.  Magnum has given me flack for never having been to this Colorado attaction, so THERE.  Check it off the bucket list!
We were up with the stars and got to the sand early.  That was definitely the right choice this time of year.  For one, the sand gets really hot later in the day.  Plus, it gets pretty crowded.  When we set out, the temperatures were in the 50's and there were only two other groups that we could see.  
The kids took off...

starting to feel like an ant
What a blast!  Of course they made it their mission to get to the highest dune.  The dunes stretch for miles, and depth perception is deceiving.  As soon as we'd get atop one dune, we'd see another taller one yet to be conquered.

How do I always end up carrying all the crap?

Wolfgang going all native
I've never seen so much sand since that time in the Sahara!  And since I've never really been to the Sahara, I've never seen so much sand!  

We finally got to a point where we decided we should probably turn around.  I think the kids would've just kept on going, though, because they (1) were having such a good time, and (2) are stupid that way.

We were barefoot the whole time, but the sand started to get really hot on the way back and all of us except for Chaco wimped out and put the shoes back on. 

So good times! Five thumbs up for the gators and dunes!


Anita said...

Your family never has to worry about being "boring people."

As I look at the pics, I say, "I can do that," but can MY FAMILY? hmmmm... I'm imagining the looks on their faces as they size up the teeth on alligators or stare at never-ending sand... that they're supposed to hike over. lol

Actually, I'm probably not giving them enough credit.

We'd all pass on the snake opportunity, though.

lotta joy said...

I wish I was more like you, but if it's not air-conditioned, with room service, I bitch a lot.

terri said...

FUN! I probably wouldn't get so close and cuddly with the creatures but the sand dunes look like great, get-dirty kinda fun!

agg79 said...

Whoa! You got Gators in Colorado? I thought those were just for the Texas/Louisiana region. Not sure what they do in the wintertime up there. You're pretty bold to get friendly with them reptiles - I just imagine you working on your snake handler badge.

I bet the trip was good break from the normal mountain stuff. Love the Great Sand Dunes park info. I've been to White Sands in NM, so I can relate to some of those Saharan conditions. Interesting how you got roped into being the pack mule for that crew.

ShadowRun300 said...

You're killin' me. :) I have had Colorado on the brain ever since we left, and feel like I need to go back and 'finish' my vacation. And now you're showing me another cool adventure? **sigh**
On the other hand, I couldn't be happier for you and your guys. This is right up their alley, and I'm glad you all enjoyed it. The camping seemed fun as well!
Can't wait to see what's next!

Abby said...

I know that not that many people are much into reptiles, but the sand dunes are quite a wonder. I for one didn't feel the need to get to the top of the highest, maybe that's a guy thing.

Abby said...

We only just heard of these gators recently. They had a booth at some outdoor expo we were killing time at. Who knew?? And I bet you would enjoy the sand dunes with your hiking and scouting background.

Abby said...

The sand dunes are a popular attraction. I highly recommend them for your next trip... and there will be a next trip!

Abby said...

I think we brought a good chunk of dunes home in our van, and more in our clothes. It was worth it though. I think.

Abby said...

Not to worry, I do my fair share of bitchin'

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha I'm a bit like Lotta Joy I like my home comforts. :D Good for you. The sand dunes look really cool.

Larz said...

Sand Dunes is one of our favorite adventures!