Thursday, August 30, 2012

day 1

Last week, I mentioned how one of Chaco's dorm roommates has Asperger's and also reminded the blog that husband Magnum has Asperger's.

There are a lot of blogs out there.  There are parenting blogs, art blogs, running blogs, fish keeping blogs, knitting blogs, snake keeping blogs, bicycling blogs, teaching blogs,  Asperger-wife blogs... Mine is none of these, but all of these.

Except for knitting.  Did you see it?  I don't knit.

Lotta Joy commented on that recent Asperger post, "I wish you would give more details of the differences you and your husband adapted to after getting married."

 Okay!  I haven't been Asperger-wife blog for a while.

But firstly, let's put on the "trousers of time" (a term Rock Chef used today that I found cute, but it was better when he said it), and go back to the fateful day when I met my Asperger-wife-blog material.

It was January of 1988.  The first class of the first day of the winter semester at the university Magnum and I attended.  I walked into the classroom and sat in a suitable location.  The professor had yet to arrive so I did what seemed the natural thing to do.  I started talking to the person next to me.

I don't remember what I said, just something chitty chatty about classes starting up again.  But this guy I said it to seemed somewhat startled.  Like, why was I talking to him?  Yet, at the same time, he seemed pleased that I was.

Magnum, about the time of
his chit chat victimization

He was wholly focused on my every word, my every chitty chatty, just-killing-time word.  Then he said something in response like, "yeah".  Out of the blue, he then added, "My name is Magnum", which at the time took me a bit by surprise.

Think about it.  How many chitty chatty conversations have you had with people you didn't really know?  In a dentist's waiting area?  Standing in line somewhere?  Sitting and waiting for a class to start?  For me, it's usually been deeper into the conversation before names are swapped, if at all.

"Hmm.  I'm Abby.  Nicetameetcha", I replied.

And we were off.


ShadowRun300 said...

Oohh... I'm so excited to hear this story! I love hearing how people met, and I'm sure your story will be beneficial to others who are in the same situation!
I can't believe how much your boys favor Magnum. I mean, I noticed it at RRC, but after seeing this pic, it's very noticeable! Good lookin' men you have living with you! :)

Abby said...

Geesh, you're right, looking at this pic from the ancient archives, now that the kids are nearly that age. I remember talking with a woman back when Chaco was a baby. She said, "Oh, he's so cute. He must look like his dad". Were those two sentences supposed to go together??

Rock Chef said...

That is a great way to meet - both being natural, no put on stuff trying to impress.

But you must try knitting...

Abby said...

I knitted a bit in 7th grade. Nothing blog worthy.

lotta joy said...

SEE? I TOLD you that you should mention a little something/something about your relationship! I'm late getting here because the heat has turned Stud into something without brains and it has turned me into a tunnel rat with anger issues.

Rebecca S. said...

Gosh, what a good looking guy! Years ago, we didn't even know what Aspergers was. We would just say, "Oh that's just Magnum," or "Oh that's just Joe," when they did their Asperger thing. Now we have a label for it. Did that help you in your relationship? Is Magnum an engineer too?
(If these questions are too personal, ignore them)

Abby said...

Now there's a party!

Abby said...

Yes(Magnum's an engineer)and double yes with a high five (for the Asperger label) to answer your not-too-personal questions. Stay tuned!

terri said...

I'm excited to hear this whole story! You've mentioned the Asperger thing a few times and I found myself wanting to know more.

... waiting patiently for the next installment ...

agg79 said...

Chatting him up may seem like a small thing at the time but great relationships have started out that way.

And I am sorry to say I am not as chatty as you. Not an "A" personality - was introverted in my youth and found it hard to strike up conversations with random strangers.