Thursday, June 14, 2012


I managed to take care of business yesterday.  You'll be thrilled to know that Meego is now toilet trained.  I felt a little gypped because, to properly train him, I had to clean the Man Bathroom right alongside him, but I'm happy to let him attempt a solo flight next time.

He and I also cashed in on some more free bowling after I was finished with the tutoring grind.  I sucked.

Really, I had been making noticeable improvement, but I'm learning that this bowling thing can get quite moody.  You all realize I am much the novice here?  Right?  I set little goals for myself, then set a new one once the current one is reached.  Okay, I will admit here that my current goal is to consistently bowl a 150 or above.  Yes, that's right Terri and ShadowRun300.  I have a goal of 50% of perfect which in test score world is a high F.

But it's all just for fun, dammit.

But we got home and I had a sort of message from my long lost friend.  She'd received and accepted my connection request on Linkedin.  Yay, we're connected!  No other communication as of yet, however.  Now that we are "linked" we should be able to access each others' e-mail addresses.  So I'm thinking

(a) She has no idea who I am, just accepts every connection request she gets
(b) She remembers me, vaguely
(c) She's shocked to hear from me and is speechless
(d) She's using this time of silence to draft a long correspondence

So that was fun to get that teaser anyway.  Then I continued my sucky bowling therapy by finishing my play time with Johnny Depp, as suggested by CiCi,  while streaming boy band music.  I'd venture to say that everything gets better with Johnny Depp (boy band music not so much).

I quote here from a cartoon I saw recently...

"They handcuffed me and told me that anything I said can and would be held against me, so I said, 'Johnny Depp'".


terri said...

So about the bowling. It's a fickle game. Just when you think you've got it figured out, it throws you for a loop. I've been at it for 4 years and my average is still only in the 140s. I don't know what it is though. Something about it keeps me coming back. It's those 190s and 200s games. Course I usually throw something like a 110 right after I bowl a 200. That's how it goes.

Hope you get some communication from your friend on Linkedin. I'm thinking she's waiting for you to make the first move. Once you send her a message, maybe she'll be more chatty.

Johnny Depp. Mmmm. He's so nice!

Abby said...

Thanks Terri, that makes me feel better about my roller-coaster bowling! And I just sent a "catch up" e-mail to my 2nd grade friend.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm STILL laughing at that quote! I feel like I should have heard something like it before, but if I did, I don't remember... so it's very funny! :)
It's those high expectations that led me to quit bowling... at least for now. For many years I was pretty darn good at it, so I loved it and wanted to bowl all the time! Now that exhaustion from work has led to a decline in average, it's no longer fun for me... but I no longer want the challenge of getting better either. And for me, it's hard to bowl "just for fun, dammit". So I quit.
How's that for a motivational speech to keep you going back for more?? :) (Seriously, though, it's not as easy as it looks, and practice makes perfect. It helps to watch good FEMALE bowlers - 'cause the guys just whip the ball down the lane. Girls on the other hand, have to bowl the right way to get strikes. :) )
ANYWAY - love the picture of Johnny Depp...
And I'm excited to hear if you get a response from your friend!!

Abby said...

I've seen some good female bowlers, and they certainly have skillz other than mainly going for velocity. I don't expect to ever change my blog name to AbbyNormal300, I'm just hoping to not suck so much.

And YES, I got a wonderful response! She does remember me. She remembers all kinds of stuff! I'm sitting here after just reading her e-mail sort of laugh-crying.

Judy said...

Girl, it is a GOOD game if I get out of double-digits. You should totally bowl with me because I will make you look like a bowling-rock-star!

Of course, I'm easily distracted....{Johnny Depp}

Guano said...

I knew Denise would remember you.
And I'll bet she'd be touched by your ost* about her, too.

(*Sorry, some of the keys on my keyboard haven't worked since I cleaned it...grr

Rock Chef said...

I guess bowling is like a lot of things - if you aren't in the zone, you are rubbish.

Love the quote, and the sketch is amazing.

Abby said...

She remembers you too.

(glad you cleaned all the "p" off your keyboard?)

agg79 said...

Bowling can be like golf. Some days you are Tiger Woods, some days you are Rodney Dangerfield. I think it is great you are shooting for 150. Remember the law of averages. For every perfect game you bowl, you gotta throw a lot of gutter balls.