Friday, April 20, 2012

paranormal pet

Okay, I don't want to be all morbid or anything, but I was just out walking with China and there was a dead cat in the gutter.  eeww.

Thing is, that cat (body), while much smaller than Cookie, had the same coloring and stripe pattern as Cookie.  And seeing a dead cat in the gutter isn't that strange, BUT earlier this week, I had this weird dream where Cookie showed up all beat up and scraggly.  AND today, just before my walk to the gutter, I got a postcard from Cookie in the mail.  Really!

He sent me a postcard, reminding me that it's time for his check up and booster vaccinations.  AND the stamp?  It's from Hawaii!  Well, it's got a Hawaiian shirt on it, and it says "Aloha" anyway.  It's clear.

Cookie is communicating with me from beyond the grave!  He's sending me dream visions, and gutter cat bodies, and postcards with tropical paradise connotations!  I know what this all means of course.

Cookie is happily in cat heaven, living it up with a bunch of cat friends in cool Hawaiian shirts.  He would like me to pass the news on to the vet that he is where the sun shines every day, and he would like the vet to put her thermometer where the sun doesn't shine.


  1. Is it strange that I hope this is the case, but I also don't hope it is and that he'll return home a little scraggly, maybe, but no worse for the wear?

  2. Strange things for strange times. I can picture Cookie enjoying the beach and soaking up some rays down in Hawaii now that he's ditched the cold weather of Colorado. Still, it would be great/amazing to see him show up scraggly.

  3. Have you heard of the kids books aboout Rotten Ralph? They are great, and this post reminds me of him,because that is exactly what he would say to the vet.

  4. You got the message loud and clear. I know Cookie will rest now and join the Hawaiian party, or luau.

  5. Oh god x.x I hate seeing dead cats in the road. Makes me so sad T~T...Also, very interesting that your kitty is making contact :3. Im a strong believer in the paranormal so this is awesome to me ^^!

  6. Cookie sounds one helluva' cat, I've no doubt at all he's purring your praises and sending you the odd furball reminder in the post.

    Kate Bush's roadie ran over my Ollie. He did have the decency to ring my doorbell and fess up to it. Then drank all my scotch to calm down.

  7. "...he would like the vet to put her thermometer where the sun doesn't shine."

    That's hilarious--and clever!

  8. ...a little eerie. Hmmm... I have the feeling that you haven't heard the last of Cookie; although I hope when you do, that it won't be via the vet.

  9. A scraggly cat returning from the dead reminds me of a scene in Stephen King's book, Pet Sematary. So maybe Cookie really IS communicating with you. Only not so morbidly, like the cat in the book.