Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a new boss and goodies too

Something has happened, has shifted. I'm not sure what. Whatever it is, though, I feel I need to set the record straight.

A while back, I blogged about my crossing guard boss - the school's vice principal. She was distant, aloof, one might even say she was cold. I'd met her only once, back in the fall, when she summoned me to go through my goals for the year.  That's when I learned of her distant cold aloofness.  A recent e-mail from her was rather perplexing in its warmth.

Fast forward to this week.  Spring.  Time to go over the goals again, time to be summoned again.  She called.  She was pleasant on the phone.  We set up a meeting.  We met.

And she was... different. 

She was friendly, relaxed.  She was downright bubbly!  We spent about 15 - 20 enjoyable minutes, most of them not necessarily talking shop.  I don't know what caused the shift, but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and saying that this is the real boss lady. 

After our love fest, she reminded me to check my staff mailbox, "[Principal] asked me to have you check it, I guess you have quite a bit of stuff in there".

Oh yeah.  The mailbox.  Our house is located between the school and the crosswalk.  Other than these types of meetings, I don't typically have any reason to go to the school, but I do have a staff mailbox that I haven't checked in the 8 months that school has been in session.  I checked.

My mailbox is on the top row of the staff mailbox matrix.  It's up there with the other crossing guard types, next to Crossing Guard Jon's box.  Crossing Guard Jon is 6'7" and his mailbox position is ideal.  I'm 5'5".  I could see some things sticking out over the ledge of my box, so I grabbed it and pulled.  That action caused a bunch of unseen stuff to then come raining down all over me.  Loot!

Okay, so there were a couple of fat folders with some information to "kick off the school year" (oops).  Then there were some forms to "please fill out by August 15th" (oops). 

Along with that, there was a birthday card!  Signed by the district Superintendent!  I didn't even know he cared (I doubt he does).  There was a "Happy Holidays" bag of goodies including a gift card for Einstein bros. bagels.  There was another goodie bag to celebrate the hundredth day of school, whenever that was. 

There were a few other odds and ends, it was kind of like the whole school year up to this point in time lapse...

raining on my head.


Scott said...

Nice surprise!

During the time I substitute-taught here in Escambia County, Florida, I amassed a whole alot of pictures, paper planes, all kinds of gifts from elementary school students. I never asked for any of these--the children just gave them to me freely. And I kept every one of them. I still have them all, in a box--and I'll treasure them the rest of my life!

agg79 said...

Nice haul! I would definitely make it a point to drop by the old mailbox more often with that kind of score. You never know what might be in there. Sounds like your meeting with the boss lady was way better than the first one. Glad to she didn't live down to your first impression.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm glad it was an Einstein Bagel card, and NOT an Einstein Bagel. It mighta been a bit yucky by the time you found it. :)
I always loved the little things I got when I was a teacher, and I've kept most of the things the kids gave me. I felt like you when my Superintendent gave me something - she acted like she cared, but I knew she didn't really. Yay for the bubbly boss lady! I hope that's more like her personality and that you just caught her on a bad day last time. 'Course it IS the ending of the school year now....

D.Shawnte said...

Awww that's sweet ^^ Glad things are going well at work these days ^^. Your boss sounds nice!

Judy said...

Awesome! What a great surprise, all the way around!

terri said...

It's nice to hear that your bossed showed a more pleasant side to her personality. It's hard to work with people who keep you on edge at all times.