Tuesday, April 17, 2012

happy stats

Sometimes a student wants to know why.  Particularly with math concepts.  "Why do I have to know how to graph a line?", "Why do we have 'imaginary numbers'?", "Trigonometry?  WHY??"

It doesn't happen often.  Usually, they just want to learn the stuff, so they can get through the class and not have to do it over or just get their parents off their backs.  Statistics, though.  Statistics are useful.  They help us understand patterns and make predictions.  They help us know when something is "abnormal" *ahem*...

Or sometimes, they just make us feel less stupid. 

Yep, I visited my blogger statistics.  Sometimes I forget they're there, but since they are and I remembered, I decided to take a look at recent keyword searches that led people here. 

Among the usual "fat people artist" and "boobs" and "fish swimming upside down", I came across a couple that let me know I'm joyously not alone.

The first that caught my eye was, "rug burn on her forehead".  Really?  So I'm wondering about that search.  Was someone else also dumb enough to do neck bridge exercises on raw carpet?  Are they looking for solutions to rid themselves of the unsightly resultant burn mark?  OR

do they know someone who showed up with an unsightly rug burn on the forehead?  Are they wondering how she aquired such burn mark?  OR

are there other mistakes than can result in unsightly forehead rugburns?  What are they?  Or are they just too naughty?  Best to not think too much on that one.

But the one that really helped.  Really made my day.  Really helped me see myself back under the "normal" curve, even if still at the fringes was:

"accidentally put redbox videos in the mailbox"

Oh thank you.  Thank you keyword searcher.  Whomever you are. 


D.Shawnte said...

Hehehe! That's pretty funny xD! Sadly, my search stats aren't that exciting :s. I only get stuff like "how to draw" certain items xD!

Anita said...

Hmmm... Now I'm wondering how people come to my blog. Actually, I use so many cliche terms that it's probably not as interesting as "fat people artist."

So what do you use for blogger stats? I use the free and limited version of sitemeter, and I'm sure that I don't get all from it that's possible.

ShadowRun300 said...

I wanna look at my stats now too! :) Your rug burn one is too funny! I'm not sure I'd wanna know why they are searching for that. lol
And the Red Box, mail box mixup?? It's gotta feel good knowing there are others out there who do the same dumb, oops, I mean absent minded, I mean MAKE the same honest mistakes that you do! :)

terri said...

So this prompted me to go look at my keyword searches. Nothing too interesting in there, except maybe "running pants butt."

But really. Why DO we have to know how to graph a line? I can honestly say I haven't had to graph a line in real life.

Abby said...

On your blogger dashboard, pull down the "more options" menu and one of the choices is "stats". In there, you can click "traffic sources", and there you go!

Abby said...

Ooooh... anything juicy? In the "how to draw" search?

Abby said...

I haven't gotten the nerve to get a redbox video since, for fear I'll do it again!

Abby said...

There are a few practical applications of graphing lines, but I'm too busy giggling over "running pants butt"!

agg79 said...

You never know where your search will take you (or how some people wound up here). Although, I imagine that "rug burn on the forehead" would probably got a bit more attention than most other days.

And thanks for the tracker tips. Now I can see what garner's the most attention.

Anita said...

I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Rock Chef said...

One of the big maths questions is "why do I have to learn algebra?"

The answer used to be "because".

Now the answer is much better:


Algebra should be taught side by side with Excel - it would make the algebra mean something and people would learn that Excel does more than make pretty graphs!

Rub burn on the forehead? Wow.