Sunday, March 25, 2012

Silver Lining Sunday

I'm not here.  Or am I?

I think I'm in Denver hoping to bump into Peyton Manning for some obligatory time with Magnum's dad and stepmom.  We're at the zoo.

I like zoos.  Nice zoos.  Not zoos that put desert foxes in 50 gallon aquariums.  I saw that at a zoo once.  I didn't like that zoo.  Mean zoo.

I was trying to remember the last time we went to a zoo and I'm not sure the date, but I found a photo

At that time, I think all of the kids were still shorter than me.  Now, it's just Meego and he's gaining fast.  At least I'm still taller than the penguins.

So, we're there now.  Through the magic of pre-set blog post scheduling, we're there. 

It's a beautiful warm and sunny spring day.  Magnum's stepmom hasn't picked a fight with anyone.  I'm enjoying myself.  and LOOK!  Over by the big cats!

... it's Peyton Manning!

(okay, so I can pre-schedule a blog post.  The details might yet be a little fuzzy).


Judy said...

I love pre-posting and scheduling posts. It keeps people wondering if I'm "live" or "Memorex" (um, pretty sure that statement ages me a bit).

agg79 said...

At first glance, I read that you were at Magnum's dad & stepmom and at the zoo was the same place. I'm no longer a big fan of zoos because I've seen too many like your fox in an aquarium set ups. Hope you get to see a lot of the primates.

D.Shawnte said...

Awwww I hope you guys had fun at the zoo :3 I used to love going there! I haven't been to the zoo since I was in Kindergarten ^^;.

terri said...

So it MIGHT be warm and sunny, but it might not be? Magnum's step mom didn't pick a fight with anyone. Or did she? And Peyton Manning... well that would be something!

(Look how little your guys were in that picture!)

Jenn and Casey said...

Hope you're having an awesome time!!

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm not a big fan of zoos, myself. Seeing the bears, especially depresses me. The way they just pace back and forth.
That being said, St. Louis has an awesome zoo! They've expanded recently and seem to be trying to recreate the animals' natural habitat, so despite my aversion to them, I always enjoy going.
I'm curious to see if your predictions about how your day went came true! I hope it was everything you expected!

Scott said...

Posting about an event that's yet to occur--I love it!