Monday, March 19, 2012

good karma?

Busy day.  Busy busy day.  I'm not complaining, I like busy, within reason, and today was certainly within reason. 

Still, this afternoon had me rushing out to the crosswalk with stop sign and cheesy vest flailing.  Once in position, I straightened myself up a bit and was immensely pleased to see this:

YES - a police cruiser, lights a-flashing, with a freshly nabbed criminal!

It's actually been a while since I've had any "backup".  Could it be that they somehow felt my recent  Illustration Friday tribute?

Granted, this wasn't a motorcycle cop, but it's still quite early in the season for those guys.  Cruisers it is.

Early in the school year, there was much hype about a new "mobile traffic unit" that the local police were dispatching.  It's a van equipped with radar gun and uber high definition camera equipment, all automatic.  It's very slick.  They just park it in certain speed zones, and if cars speed by, the drivers get very clear and unflattering photos of themselves along with speeding tickets and fines.

My crosswalk was graced with its presence early on.  I felt like how a dog rescued from the pound must feel - suddenly special. 

But, as sometimes happens with pound puppies, I was sent back.

It seems that the new, state-of-the-art, super-high-tech, mother-of-all-traffic-controlling-police-vans van was malfunctioning in my zone.  See, there are these large intimidating power lines that follow the path upon which the crosswalk is situated.  Apparently these power lines interfere with the state-of-the-art, super-high-techness of the van.

So, once again I was all alone.  All alone under the power lines that are probably cooking my insides daily.

But let's just sweep that under the rug for now...

I'm no longer graced with RoboCop presence, so must hold out for occassional visits from the flesh and blood kind.   I got one today, and he wrote lots of tickets.  I swear, it's like fishing in a bucket.

What's next for the drawing board?


ShadowRun300 said...

So they come out once in a blue moon, write tons of tickets, and then expect the people to behave after? Sounds like it's just a money maker, and not necessarily concern for getting drivers to slow down through that area..
I'm glad they have you there. I'd feel very secure as a parent knowing my child was in your hands.
I love busy days too, but they wear you out. Couch time?

Abby said...

Yeah, my "security" friend says to call them when drivers are speeding, but I'd be calling them every day! It's nothing they haven't heard. I'd just as soon have them out chasing down rapists and thieves and such, I'll get the kids across the street. Still, it gives me a warm fuzzy when someone gets stopped, what can I say?

terri said...

You should pay some sort of artistic homage to lottery tickets!

Good to know the cops have your back, at least occasionally. They are overworked and underpaid. I'm sure you're not intentionally overlooked on the days they're not there. Still, considering your young charges, it sure would be nice if they could show their faces more regularly.

D.Shawnte said...

I totally feel for you Abby. That sounds like a tough job you have. They must have stumbled across your fabulous painting, who knows? xD

agg79 said...

Good to know the cops have your back (even if it is occasionally). Definitely need some back up whenever things get out of hand at the crosswalk.

itihtw said...

I can only hope that they are not European. ;-)

itihtw said...

Oeps, posted under the wrong message...

Abby said...

Ha, thanks for the clarify. I figured that was the case and that you don't have anything against Europeans pursuing careers in traffic enforcement :)