Sunday, February 26, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

I just realized that this is the last Sunday of February *POOF*.   So I'll start with a few stats:

  • I've run 110.9 miles (so far) this month.
  • I've made 6 artworks
  • Still bloggin' every day huff puff
  • I'm this close to actually finishing reading a whole book!

In the meantime, the family has remained fed, clothed, and sheltered, and I have a nice comfy tutoring groove.  The house could be cleaner, but that's always the case.

And this week was another goody.  It started with a holiday on Monday and then we got that surprise snow day on Thursday, so it was almost like a mini vacation week.

I mentioned Wolfgang getting his head shaved for cancer reasearch.  Agg79 asked for an "After" pic, and I was granted permission.

I'm starting to get used to the Kwai Chang Caine look.  We have since learned that two of Chaco's best friends partook of the bald-for-bucks chair too, so now we're all, "Why do YOU still have hair?" with him.  I mean, c'mon, it's for a good cause, plus I need all the hot water I can get.

In fact, maybe we should just shave all the heads in the house.  Yes, me included.  I know there are days when I just want to scrap it all and start over. 

And those monasteries always look so peaceful and clean in photos.


agg79 said...

Nice hairstyle but I'd recommend against you going all Britney Spears. Some people don't have the head for it. Still, if the whole tribe goes for it, I can just see it turning into the Abby Normal monastery.

And kudos on the progress so far. Two months down, 10 left to go.

Abby said...

That was Chaco's excuse for not going for it: "Nobody wants to see that".

One month at a time!

Shawnte said...

Kudos to all of your monthly progress! I'm struggling to post everyday as well. As you know, it's quite the task xD.

Also, Wolfgang's buzz came out pretty nicely! You guys have really pretty eyes by the way xD I had to let you know, I'm an eye person :3.

Linda Hensley said...

I see a family resemblance, but I suspect the buzz cut is best on guys. Congrats to Wolfgang's fundraising success! I've gotten behind on reading your recent posts, but it's so much fun to read through them all at one time :)

ShadowRun300 said...

Sounds like it's been a pretty good February. I agree that the buzz cuts probably look better on the guys. And monasteries may SEEM peaceful and clean, but after visiting a ton of them as a kid, I can tell you they are quite boring. But then again, I was just a kid... my parents probably loved it!

terri said...

Man, do you two look alike! I mean, from the eyes up, anyway!

My house could always be cleaner too. But I prefer to live by the theory that a clean house is the sign of a wasted life.

Scott said...

Looks great!

Rebecca S. said...

I like it too, when I reflect on how some weeks have just been the type when everything seems to 'work' for everyone's benefit. Silver linings abound when you look for them, I mean.

I've had really, really, really short hair a few times, but I've not considered bald since Sinaed O'Connor did it.

Anita said...

Go for it! :) ...shaving your head.

Good attetion to a good cause. Way to go Wolfgang.