Sunday, February 5, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

Meego received a bumper sticker this week.  You know the ones that say "Hoopa Choopa Middle School Honor Student" or something similar? 

While I'm always happy that my kids earn these things, I am most certainly NOT a bumper sticker mom.  If you ever see me driving a minivan with one of these bumper stickers, contact the authorities - that person is an imposter!  Seriously, I have a hard time just keeping the registration sticker current!

That said, if YOU are such a person, I'm not looking to offend, I'm just saying that it's not my thing.  I don't do minivans, honor student bumper stickers (or any other bumper stickers), flip flop decals to designate family members, etc., etc.  Rebel of suburbia?  Remember?  But live and let live, I say.

Anyway, back to Meego's bumper sticker.  Chaco received the first of these - the design of which I see has not changed over the years.  Wolfgang soon followed.  What's a no-bumper sticker parent to do?

I stick them to the bedroom door.

They're kind of like military stripes.

Note that kids are eligible to receive one per year, so Meego's already got his for 6th grade.  Two more years to strive for.

Also, note that we "would" currently have 7 such b.s.'s, but the door missed out one year.  As Meego and I applied the latest, I recalled a certain tearful meeting with Chaco's middle school teachers to discuss his organization (or lack thereof) skills.  Doing the work, but not turning it in will not a bumper sticker earn.

Ah, good times.

And the balance of the week was another goodie.  I did get in some girl time with a friend.  That is something I don't do nearly enough and need to work on .  She's very happy with her tattoo - it's on the inside of her leg, just above the ankle.  State of New Jersey.  That's her tattoo.  And yes, she had to inform me that that is what it is.


ShadowRun300 said...

I'm not a Bumper Sticker Mom either. Even before the Mustang, when I was driving around a minivan, I did not put bumper stickers on it. Oh wait... that's right... we never got any. lol
My kids do well in school, but I suppose bumper stickers aren't a reward that our school issues.
I like your idea of "stripes" though. At least you're showing your pride in them by hanging them somewhere.

Shawnte said...

My parents never did this, thankfully! I think it's a little bit annoying. For reasons unknown to me today, I have no idea why but I always got embarrassed when I won one of those sticker award thingies. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was a very shy child growing up xD.

Also, those stickers are near impossible to remove from your car windows from what i've seen.

Guano said...

Unless it's a Texas tattoo, I'd say pick something other than a state. (Hawaii looks like bird droppings)
Still see "Coloversity of Unirado" stickers around? Madcaps.....

terri said...

I've seen similar bumper stickers around here, but I don't think they are awarded in our district. I'm guessing my kids might have earned them here and there, but no matter. I don't do bumper stickers anyway. The closest I've ever come is putting a window cling of an NDSU Bison (Brad's school)in the corner of my rear window. I have felt a slight bit of guilt that I don't also display Kacey's school mascot in my window, but weirdly, they don't have one.

agg79 said...

I'm not a bumper sticker kind of guy, either. My dad always kept his cars in pristine condition and bumper stickers were an absolute sin to him, so it kinda rubbed off on my. Besides, nobody wants to see an old Ross Perot bumper sticker. Good application of the various bumper stickers at home. Sort of like "notches in the door frame" when the kids were growing up. Definitely good times.

Anita said...

I see that the "no bumper stickers" are ruling. None for me either.

Awards go the "whatever grade" file, where I'm sure they leave from to go to file 13, eventually... when my kids will ask, "Why did Mommy save that?"

Nice to recognized though. :)