Monday, February 6, 2012

fair of face

I like Mondays.  There I said it. 

One of the things my coach and I discussed was the generally popular "TGIF" mentality and its counterpart, the "Monday blahs" mentality.  I know that if I'm feeling that way, I should be doing something else. 

There's nothing wrong with looking forward to the weekends, but when it's fueled mainly by a loathing of the weekdays, then something is wrong. 

I'm happy that it's Monday.  Even when I ran out of hot water in the shower.
Wolfgang is very hygenic.

Even when the winchill computes to 9 degrees during crossing guard morning.
My parka is a valuable possession.

Even when I saw that the snowplow took a dump right in the middle of the kids' walking path

as seen from the approach

At least we have a path... that someone  *COUGH*  plows.

Plus,  I am now able to share photos from my phone, unlike the vacation trip where no one had a camera.

Even when my Monday tutor student was really REALLY loud.
He's happy to see me. 

Even when China barfed in her crate.
It wonderfully fed my strange cleaning binge I've been on the last few days.  Seriously, if I didn't know better, I'd think I was going to give birth this week (but I know better).  And now China's crate is absolutely pristine. 

Even when Chaco hit me up at the last minute for cash.
It's for a bowling team party.

Yes.  I.  Like.  Mondays.  

How was your Monday?


Shawnte said...

I don't know why Mondays have always been considered a dreadful day x.x. I do know that back when I was a kid, I used to hate Mondays only because it meant I had to go to school. Mind you, I was not a very popular kid. In fact, I used to get bullied pretty badly all throughout school. So that may explain why I never liked Mondays x.x.

How was my Monday? It's looking pretty good today actually. :)

ShadowRun300 said...

Way to look at the positive side of Mondays! :)
My Monday actually took place on Saturday. So today is actually my Wednesday! I never mind "Mondays" no matter when they fall for me, but I am always ready for "Fridays". If you must know, though, my Tuesday (your Sunday) kinda sucked. We had a party in the hotel, and thought we'd put most non-party guests far away from them, but there were still many complaints Sunday morning about the noise. We musta comped 5 rooms and offered many apologies. Those are hard days, but luckily we don't have too many like that.
Sounds like you earned your couch time for tonight. :)

Judy said...

I heart my Mondays, too. Do a little work at the preschool, go to the gym and get a FANTASTICAL workout, grocery shop - BY MYSELF - do all sorts of little mundane things around the house but accomplish much, including an afternoon jog and a shower in my house with no one yelling at me. I heart my Mondays.

agg79 said...

Meh. Some Mondays are better than others. It depends on what crisis is on deck. I wind up getting sucked in to the same routine and it tends to drag me down. I try to fit in a good "comfort run" during lunch, if my schedule allows. It helps to take the edge off and gets me out of the mental run I may fall into. Yesterday was no different. Spend most of my day on several reports or working some never ending project.

Rock Chef said...

Nothing is going to ruin YOUR Monday, I can see that!

terri said...

I like Mondays. Monday brings bowling night. At least until mid-April. Then bowling night will be Wednesday. But this is all beside your point.

I have never really minded Mondays. I might wish for an extra weekend day, because weekends are never long enough, but I've always enjoyed my job enough that I have some level of enthusiasm about getting back to it. I know I'm very lucky in that regard.

Anita said...

I feel the love when everyone is home on the weekend, however, when the last of the natives closes the door behind "himself" on Monday morning, it's party time for me and the canine.

Good lesson from the coach.