Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

It's the last Sunday of January already!  The weeks are a-flying.  I thought I'd do a little review of the month to kick off this week's silver liningness:

  • I've run 113.5 miles so far this month (gotta include that .5).  This included getting new compression tights and racing a strange person in the dark.
  • I did 5 artworks.  One was a portrait of Rafael Nadal who lost in the Australian Open final yesterday.  Did my portrait help him get to the finals, or contribute to his losing?  I'm actually a bit superstitiously sports curious and pondering what to do for the Super Bowl. 
  • I unloaded a bunch of Run with Lumber crap supplies.  I chaired that event for 6 years and am glad to hand over the responsibility to my worthy successor.  I'm also very glad to have all that crap outta my house.
  • Tutoring biz was steady but not overwhelming this month.  Carry on!
  • I've managed to keep up with NaBloPoMo and blog each day in January.  I'm going to sign up for February.  Anyone else??

Run With Lumber 2011 Success

As for this past week, it was another goody.  Chaco and I went bowling yesterday.  Notice that we can rearrange the letters of "Chaco" to spell "Coach".  He gave me some helpful pointers, and I felt and saw results almost immediately.  Not all that tough to do since I used to basically walk up to the line and just throw the ball in the general direction of the pins. 

And did I mention that I got my very own bowling ball this week (SQUEE!)?  It's pretty.  My new goal is to break 150.

I was working with a new young tutor student and wanted to assess her skill level.  I asked her a few questions regarding her knowledge of math terms and asked, "What is a negative number?"  She answered "One that isn't very good".  I think I might need to make a list of favorite incorrect answers.

As always, I'm thankful for my blog friendships and the support and camaraderie that go with them.  They keep me positively positive!  I less-than-three all of you!


terri said...

You're so motivated, it's inspiring! All that running and creating and tutoring and now bowling! (Love that you're bowling, BTW!)

Congrats on keeping up with NaBloPoMo. I know how much effort it requires. And I know this cuz I crashed and burned in January, so I don't think I'll be signing up for February. I'm glad I made it through December though. It motivated me enough to get me going more than I was before.

A favorite incorrect answers list would be SO fun! Do it!

Judy said...

Did I remember you letting go of the RWL gig? You aren't at that school anymore, are you? Anyhoo, good job!

And your own bowling ball to boot? You giving Terri a run for her money? I just bought running shoes - it'll be YEARS before I pony up for a bowling ball at this rate!`

"Abby" said...

Judy, that's correct. I've graduated from parent volunteer at that school, but it is my crossing guard employer.

agg79 said...

113.5 miles (giving you the .5 miles & racing with strangers in the dark) should be a cake walk for you. That's only 4 miles a day (including the midnight New Year's mile). Still, I salute your stamina. You spur me on for that morning run when I want to sleep in.

And your very own bowling ball? Is it named Homer? That means you've upped it a notch in the bowling world. What's next? Your own bowling shirt?

And thanks for the camaraderie as well. You're definitely more than a negative one on my scale.

Shawnte said...

You're schedule sounds really busy x.x. I know that all too well! Anyway, you seem like a very passionate individual judging by your art work on this blog. Keep up the great work!

Rock Chef said...

Do 2 Superbowl pics - one of each side scoring a touchdown. That way you are being fair...

ShadowRun300 said...

Sounds like it's been a great January for you! I have really enjoyed learning about you this last month and look forward to reading more. Hope you can keep your post-a-day up, because I'm a little selfish that way. I love to read others' new posts, but don't always feel like posting one myself. (Funny, though, I write plenty of them in my head, but very few ever make it to post.) Anyway, hope your February is just as good! Happy blogging, bowling, cross-guarding, running, painting, drawing,...what'd I forget?