Friday, December 9, 2011

mooooving on

Okay, I did it.  I broke it off with the milkman.  So I'm feeling a little sad right now, and feeling a little need to ruminate.  We had some good times, the milkman and I, but in the end it just got kind of cheesy.

I didn't want a public scene, so I took the coward's way out and ended it via e-mail.  I know!  How cold of me!  But I udderly expected him to e-mail me back like he said he would.  And that's why I wasn't sure if he was going to come by to pick up his stuff - what he's given me over the years. 

Despite not hearing from him, I readied his things and placed them in "our spot".  And sure enough, this morning when I checked - his cooler, his empties - all were gone.  Just like that, without a herd... er... word.

It really is for the best.  I was tired of putting up with his bull, and  I think he knew it.   I doubt that my e-mail was that much of a surprise.   And to be honest, the whole time we were together, I never really felt like I was his type.  For some unknown reason, I just think he's a boob man.



  1. I know it was hard, but you could tell it was time to moooove on to greener pastures. He was just milking the relationship way too long. I think you did the right thing and took the bull by the horns and nipped it in the bud.

  2. I was getting the impression you were beginning to sour on this relationship quite some time ago.

  3. Well if you're no longer in the mooed, don't string him along as if he were tethered to a....

    ...wait for it....

    beau vine.

  4. LOL! This gave me a good laugh, thanks ;)

  5. Ok. I'll admit that Guano's pun was funnier than mine.

  6. It's all peaches 'n' cream to me.