Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's time!

The 80's.  They were kind of my formative years (yikes).  Remember the big hair?  The acid washed jeans?  Jazzercise?  Yeesh.

I remember Christmas 1981 pretty clearly.  I was a junior in high school and had to work that evening at my restaurant job.  But, since it was Christmas, we closed early and afterwards, I went out with my new boyfriend.  It was actually our first real date.

He came to my house driving a borrowed car and got it stuck on the ice in front of my house.  We didn't do anything particularly special.  Back then, in my hometown, the kids just drove around, so that's what we did.  Eventually, we parked *ahem*.  Eventually eventually, he took me back home.

Somewhere in there, we even swapped gifts, but I don't remember what he gave me.  I think it was some safe jewelry.

The next day, my parents and brother and I got in the car and paid a visit to my oldest brother and his family in another city.  I even still have the photo that was taken during that visit:

The reason I remember that particular Christmas so well, though, was because of the new boyfriend.  I'd liked him for a while, and I was pretty sure he liked me.  Somewhere in there, we arranged that first date - after work on Christmas.  When that photo was taken, I was personally taken only with infatuated thoughts of him.

He would turn out to be my first love - including all of the drama that goes along with THAT.  Codependency, jealousy, crying (me), fighting, making up, breaking up, crying (him), blah, blah, blah...  damn those 80's.

But, it's Christmas, so I'm thinking happy thoughts and good times,  and  I pulled out a happy little tune from Billy Squier and the MTV crowd back when they were fun.  Christmas 1981.  I was happy and falling in love.

Everybody sing!!  Please disregard the big hair / mullets...


Rebecca S. said...

The 80's were my time, too, and much to my surprise, my kids think it must have been the best decade ever. True, technology was just beginning to be a factor and didn't have quite the stranglehold it has now on the planet. The movies were great, too, don't you think? The hair, however, was hilarious.

Jenn and Casey said...

Oh man! The 80's were pure awesome. I was younger during them, but I remember them fondly, and I can appreciate a life without the constant technology! I miss it some days!

terri said...

Me too! 80s girl here! You could have been describing a window of time in my life with this post.

Anita said...

The video...scary. :) By the way, what's the difference in a mullet and a shag?

I like the family photo; polyester pants, big hair, high-waisted jeans and all!

Guano said...

Nothin' like kickin' off the season with a high-maintenance relationship.

Oh, and at our age, Billy's Choir's "The Stroke" might be a bit more appropriate, if not a little too close to home!

Rock Chef said...

My heart is more in the 70s, but the 80s had their good points too. We cringe at the old fashions, but what will current teenagers think when they look back on themselves with their trousers hanging low exposing their underpants and worse?

agg79 said...

I'm like Rock, I more a child of the 70's but I do remember polyester shirts, leisure suits, and big hair. We always remember our first love.