Friday, November 25, 2011

feral time

Greetings on this Black Friday.  I for one did not do any door-bustin' whatsoever.  I took a quiet trip down to sex-change town to visit my parents, and all I did to stimulate the economy was buy some gas.

It was nice to get away.  I left all of the menfolk here to fend for themselves without me.  They had some good man-time.  Went and shot at things.

And I wanted to keep up the spirit of NaBloPoMo and not miss a day!  When all else fails, just load up some gratuitous photos, right?  Yesterday, after the turkey was but a carcass, we went a did a little communing with nature.

I brought the camera, much to the camera-opposed children.  I had to trick them into being photographed.

Chaco, sniped from a bit of cover for me - resulting in a covered photo of him...

"Hey, Meego, what's this thing?!" (Ambushed!)

"Where you at, Wolfgang?!" (Psyche!)

Even managed to catch Magnum in the corner.  Something about two birds in the bush? 

Anyway, we did have a nice Thanksgiving.  It was just the 5 of us again this year.  I would prefer a get-together, but at the same time, there's no pressure on me to not screw up the meal.  And we did enjoy this nice time in the wild. 

With the unseasonably nice weather, and people with visitors in town, we came across a few others enjoying the great outdoors.  One little girl was wearing a white skirt and a short-sleeved white fur hoodie.  Was the cutest thing and not something normally seen in such a place.  The fur and the natural surroundings made her resemble a child of the Cave Bear Clan or similar. 

Another group of kids was stopping to pick up just about every rock they could.  Cheap Colorado souvenirs I guess. 

I hope everyone reading had a nice holiday, if you so celebrate.  No drunken relatives having to be removed, no pepper-spray incidents, etc.  Although if any of that stuff did happen, please do tell!


MissKris said...

Sounds divine, getting away for some 'me' time. We women sure need it every now and then, especially when we still have kids at home. Or, like with me, we grandmothers do the majority of the day care for the grandkids during the work week. I savor every moment I get! I did fill up my pick up yesterday and did a little grocery shopping. Beyond that I sat at home, listened to music, read, and then spent a few hours in the afternoon with my youngest grandson. It was lovely!

terri said...

It sounds like you had a very nice holiday, and I'm sure it was great to have some time with your parents too.

I often wish we could simplify our holidays and not have these all-family get-togethers. And then I realize, as crazy as they are, I would miss them if we didn't have them.

Nice pictures of the fam! :-)