Monday, September 19, 2011

Silver Liningness

I haven't done a silver-lining post in a while.  I could go back and check to see how long it's been, but I'll just say it's been a while.  That I know.  I should get back into the habit of doing those weekly.  We'll see, anyway...

I'm happy that it's finally feeling like fall.  The oppressive heat makes me just want to lay around and do nothing.  With the coolness comes a bit of burst of energy.  And I'm actually cooking stuff and remembering what the oven is for.

It's also beautiful weather for running.  Pretty soon, it will be face-freezing time, but right now is PERfect.

I like the new place I'm tutoring from.  It's very flexible and I have more control over what I teach and who I teach and when I teach. 

Meego started middle school this year, and it feels like just in time.  He's too "mature" for elementary school, and I am glad to be a PAST PTO member.  Other interesting volunteer assignments are on the horizon, but that's another post.

Wolfgang made the varsity cross country team despite his relative laziness over the summer.

And oh, I am still a crossing guard which I strangely enjoy.  Last week we had two days of being socked in with record setting rainfall.  On Friday morning, the fog rolled out and revealed this at my crossing guard post:

First snow on the peak!

I waited until there was no traffic to snap the pic.  I didn't want anyone to report a strange crossing guard taking pictures of motorists.

I haven't seen any movies lately that I particularly enjoy.  I let Magnum pick the last couple to get his man movies in (one was  a Jet Li, the other an Adam Sandler - OH the things I tolerate!)   Any recommendations??  Anyone???



Anita said...

I looked at that awesome and beautiful mountain, and then quickly turned to look out my window at the bountiful and tall trees in my back yard so that I wouldn't be so envious of you seeing that sight every day.

We do have mountains in Virginia; guess I should get off of my butt and go see them this fall.

Nice Silver Lining. All of your family seem to be coasting along peacefully.

brandy101 said...

"Date Night" got bad reviews but I chuckled through it.

Amazing views from work! I am enjoying working outside, too, even when the weather is stinky.

terri said...

Those mountains are beautiful. What a view!

I've missed your silver lining posts. Maybe I should resurrect some thankfulness around my blog too.

I'm not ever up to speed on movies. We watched one a couple weeks ago called Due Date with Zach Galifinakas and Robert Downey Jr. Not bad.

Linda Hensley said...

Nice job that let's you have a view like that every day! I like your silver lining idea. I may have to borrow it sometime. I can't make movie recommendations because I still haven't seen the latest Harry Potter yet. Love the "mesmerizing" eyes of your owl. I also laughed through your bowling post. I feel a little guilty falling behind, but it's fun to see a few of your posts at one time :)