Monday, December 6, 2010

and another thing...

I mentioned the internet connectivity issues (which are hopefully fixed now - crossin' my fingers) keeping me from regular blog time. The other piece of it is...

I'm a little burnt out on computer time. See, there's the online class that's going on. It's 4 hours/session, 4 sessions/week. Then there's the stressed out online tutor students. That's a lotta computer time for me. And I'm still doing my computer based Spanish... Yo estudio espanol de la computadora!

SO, that means that when I'm not teaching and I'm not learning, and I'm not dealing with Tech Support, it's time to JUST WALK AWAY. In other words, all this responsible behavior is keeping me from my slacker hobby of blogging.

Be clear, however, that it will not last. The class ends this week. Big test this Saturday, so stressed or not, the tutor students are done. And I have little work on the horizon until after the New Year.

In the words of Arnold The Terminator... (right, like I would really say it)


  1. Get to da choppa? If it bleeds, we can kill it? Screw you, Benny?

  2. You know, if you REALLY loved us, you would skip the quality family time and get your butt back on the blog on a daily basis! Where are your priorities woman???

  3. Imagine Arnold saying, "We'll be waiting."

    ps. I can actually read your spanish sentence. Darling daughter is teaching me and those words (student, I, computer, of, and spanish) of course, are some of the first words she learned. I'm so proud of myself. lol

  4. Meh, burn-out happens. I love reading to a ridiculous extent and it frustrates me no end during semester time when, in the small amount of recreational time I have, the last thing I want to do is pick up ANOTHER book (even if it's a fun one).

    Remarkable restraint with the Terminator reference!

  5. I don't blame you; only so much tweeting and facebooking and blogreading and obsessing over the low numbers in your online bank account (oh, sorry, that's me!) that can be done in a day.