Friday, November 19, 2010


Happy Illustration Friday! This week's prompt is "sneaky", and I guess I was feeling a little cartoony. Self-portrait.

Recall that I went for a health checkup last week. Everything checked out fine, but my cholesterol number interested me. Supposedly, it's best to be below 200. Well, mine came in at 193 - technically on the good side, but just barely. But it's even higher than Magnum's number. Let me just clarify, however, that my HDL is still WAY better!

Still, the 193 had me curious. Where's all this cholesterol coming from? I exercise. I eat right. Well.... I exercise.

It's the eggs. Gotta be. I loves me some eggs. I typically eat a couple every day. I would actually eat more, but I limit myself to two. Yesterday, I decided to do a little background check on my friend, the egg:

One large egg has 212 mg of cholesterol. I have no idea what 212 mg of cholesterol really represents other than a whopping 71% of the recommended daily value.

Sneaky eggs.


terri said...

That's a funny cartoon! I was wondering why you were being chased by an egg!

I eat a lot of eggs too. When I start work at 9, I make eggs for breakfast almost every day. Maybe I better refrain for the next few days. I have my physical next Tuesday!

Anita said...

Because you like eggs, I think you're teasing Egghead and that you're going to give in, giggle, and let him catch you. :)

Great comical drawing.

Andrew W. Moir said...

I really like the way you rendered yourself. The pose is realistic and interesting. :)

Rabbit Town Animator said...

Ah the eggs....sneaky lil buggers aren't they? I love my eggs too. Ever tried a cheese omellete....mmmmmm...divine....darn. I think am going to go get myself some eggs. Great and funny illustration!

Duble said...

you really shouldn't let your eggs run without proper footwear!!

Also I am guessing a good portion of it is genetic.

blame your mom or your dad, or your mom and dad.

agg79 said...

Eggsactly! (Sorry, that one slipped out).

I was woundering where this was going with the illustration. Who knew that those tasty, tasty eggs can be so bad for you? Especially with bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. Personally, I blame my 87 year old, healthy as a horse parents for these bad vices. At least you are able to run away from your problems.

brandy101 said...

and then sometimes, genetics play a part, too.

Have you tried a niacin daily? Its supposed to help lower the numbers. Get one that claims to be "non flushing"

Also, add a bit more fiber (cheerios, miniwheats, oatmeal etc) to the diet - it also helps lower cholesterol and is also great for keeping your colon healthy :)

Tony LaRocca said...

But it's very well dressed cholesterol!