Tuesday, November 30, 2010


What? Already Tuesday? I totally missed my Illustration Friday entry for last Friday. But, since that is just a self-imposed rule, I figure it's okay for me to break it... this time.

I was just savoring the Holiday time off with the family, so that's appropriate, right? Since this week's prompt is "savo(u)r"?

Of course, "savor" doesn't just apply to food. It's to "appreciate" or "luxuriate in" well... anything. Still, I chose the food thing, particularly a chef savoring his own food. How many times do we, as "chefs", take the time to savor those things we've mainly created for others' enjoyment?

Go make a sammich.


  1. Me too. I think the chef's expression is priceless!

  2. Good for you, enjoying time with your family. I did that too this past weekend. Made me realize I don't stop often enough to just "savor" that time with them.

    Your chef definitely looks pleased with himself and ready to enjoy that sammich.

  3. The eyes. The eyes just drew me in. Great expression - enjoying the moment.

  4. Mmm, I savored the simple goodness of some fresh bread from Panera -hubby was kind enough to get us a fresh loaf for grilled cheese sandwiches. But its so good, I just toast it and slap some spreadable butter on there...mmmmm.

  5. I really like this drawing. It makes me want to eat, though.....

  6. He has the cheeks and missing neck of a "real chef." :) And he's proud of it!

  7. It is a good thing my internet sucked while I was travelling and I'm only able to read these posts now I'm home... otherwise this picture would have driven me into a sandwich deprived frenzy. I always miss sandwiches so much when I'm travelling!