Friday, October 22, 2010


Happy Illustration Friday once again. I drew nothing.

Ironically, the prompt this week is "racing" and I drew nothing because I was at Wolfgang's cross country meet. So, in lieu of an illustration, I took the above pic of him owning the field. He came in FIRST out of his JV team while setting a new PR! (He's the kid in the dark top and yellow trunks and pink shoes which he swears are more red than pink).

Actually, I did start to draw something, but didn't finish. Unlike Wolfgang.


agg79 said...

They're pink.
But, hey, if if helps him kick some a%% on the course, then why complain? Looking strong down the stretch. Must get them runnin genes from his mom.

terri said...

Go Wolfgang! Check him out, leaving everyone else in the dust.

As for the pink shoes, I really can't tell if they're red or pink. Let's say they're pink and he's joining the NFL with that whole breast cancer awareness campaign. What a good kid you have!

Judy said...


Love the pink shoes. Real men wear pink. He's rockin' 'em.

Anita said...

Way to go Wolgang!
Red? Pink? Nice touch either way.

My nephew wears dark pink socks with his football uniform. He's the 9 year old QB. A little on the thin side, when we lose him in the chaos, we look for the pink socks.